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Provides daily news, analysis, opinion, tenders and data for the Middle East and North Africa. Includes economic, business and trade news and forecasts, articles, and subscription information. [subscription required for full access]

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  • Trade Arabia - Middle East portal for business news and information, covering various news and media industry sectors. Includes a database of a quarter-million companies, classifieds news and media and tools.
  • ITP - Provides daily IT and business news, product reviews, discussions and news and media competitions. In Arabic and English.
  • - Includes country-wise and category-wise news, articles, entertainment and middle east phone middle east codes.
  • Aljazeera - English version of the Arabic-language news network. Breaking news and media regional news and features plus background material including profiles news and media regional and global reactions. Qatar.
  • Gulf Business - Online edition of the print magazine. Features Middle regional East and middle east international business news, cover story, archives regional and a profile.
  • Daniel Pipes - Journalist and Director of the Middle East Forum news and media middle east provides articles written, interviews, book reviews, and mailing news and media middle east list information on the Israel-Palestine conflict, Islam and news and media middle east Middle East politics.
  • Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) - Controversial group offers translations and analysis of Arabic, news and media Farsi and Hebrew media, including videos of tv news and media broadcasts and cartoons, focusing on political issues. The news and media reports are sorted by subject and country.
  • Federal News Service - Middle East Transcripts - Transcripts and translations of interviews, speeches, press conferences, regional commentaries and regional released statements from broadcast and print regional sources throughout the Middle regional East.
  • AME Info - Middle East business and financial news updated daily.
  • Bitterlemons International Middle East Roundtable - Viewpoints and initiatives from policy and news makers regional from around the world on a specific topic, regional chosen weekly, affecting the region.
  • Business Life - Business news from the Middle East and North regional Africa.
  • The Middle East Times - Independent news weekly about the Middle East region. regional News and middle east analysis of politics, culture and religion. regional Archive for researchers.
  • Progressive Review: The Mid-East - Extracts from international press and archive.
  • CNN: Middle East - Includes links to resources on the Middle East, sorted by country. Also features forums, in-depth reports and analysis, and weather updates. USA.
  • Washington Report on Middle East Affairs - Search and read back issues from 1983 to news and media the present.
  • Americans for Middle East Understanding - The Link - Bi-monthly essays and commentary on the prevailing myths about Arabs, regional Muslims and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from Americans who have lived regional in the region. In PDF format.
  • New York Times: Middle East - Current news and commentary plus audio, video and regional weather. USA.
  • Middle East Events - Covers events, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, music concerts, regional theatres, plays, news and media fairs and festivals in the region.
  • The Independent - Middle East - Current news and commentary on events and issues middle east in the area.
  • Al Arabiya News Channel - English version of the Arabic-language news network. Breaking news and features along with videos, photo galleries and In-Focus sections on major news topics.
  • MEED Middle East Business Intelligence - Provides daily news, analysis, opinion, tenders and data middle east for news and media the Middle East and North Africa. Includes middle east economic, business news and media and trade news and forecasts, articles, middle east and subscription information. news and media [subscription required for full access]
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