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Information and pics of ancient Thule tools and lodging. The Thule are the ancestors to the modern day Arctic Inuit.

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See Also:
  • Arctic Circle: History and Culture - A treatise on arctic history from the end northern of the society and culture Pleistocene to now, from Siberia to northern Greenland. Lists archeology, society and culture Euro-American activity, Indigenous response northern and ethnographic portraits.
  • Innu Nation/Mamit Innuat - This net resource represents two of the three Innu organizations, society and culture the Innu Nation and Mamit Innuat (the third is Mamuitun). society and culture Information on history, culture, political situation, land rights and women\'s society and culture issues.
  • Diocese of the Arctic - Largest of all Anglican dioceses, spanning The Northwest northern Territories, Nunavut and Nunavik (Arctic Quebec). Includes an northern overview and general information, contacts, links for youth, northern news, upcoming events and parish links.
  • Cyndi's Genealogical List - Genealogical links for the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and northern the Yukon. Categorized and cross-referenced in over 120 northern categories.
  • Thule Archaeological Sites - Information and pics of ancient Thule tools and regions lodging. The regions Thule are the ancestors to the regions modern day Arctic Inuit.

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