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Internet Access Providers In New York State

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  • Logical Net Corporation - A full-featured ISP headquartered in upstate NY.
  • SpectrumDSL - Offers many Internet connectivity services such as computers and internet business and economy 56K dial-up, T1 lines, T3 lines, frame relay, computers and internet business and economy home DSL, business DSL and webhosting.
  • FirstGate.Net - DSL in Metro NY, NJ and CT.
  • Cinaplex - Provides Internet hosting, Web site design and e-commerce solutions.
  • INYC - a broadband service provider focused on offering DSL and T1 technologies.
  • Syracuse WorldNet Service - ISP offering service in over 20 cities in computers and internet access providers the 315 and 607 area codes.
  • Escape - Provides Internet access and web hosting services.
  • MetConnect - New York Free internet access provider. Offers unlimited business and economy Internet access with no ads, web hosting, and business and economy DSL.

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