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Horizon is the Internet service provider for the Falkland Islands; this site is also a portal to sites hosted by them.

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  • Falklands Wool Growers - Agents for Sheep Farmers in the Falkland Islands south america selling pure Falkland Islands Wool.
  • Cable and Wireless - Falkland Islands - Provides domestic and international telecommunications and Internet access falkland islands for falkland islands the Falkland Islands.
  • Desire Petroleum - UK company listed on the Alternative Investment Market south america dedicated to the local exploration for oil and south america gas.
  • Dunnose Head Farm - Dunnose Head Farm, sells woolen and alternative energy south america products. south america Also contains much information of interest to south america the Falklands south america enthusiast.
  • Lifestyles - The Falkland Islands home improvement centre.
  • Falklands Fresh - Specialising in aquacultural projects and inshore fishing, and business and economy falkland islands hygienically processing and packing oysters, mussels, crabs and business and economy falkland islands mullet.
  • Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce - A directory of businesses on the islands.
  • Horizon: the Falkland Islands ISP - Horizon is the Internet service provider for the south america Falkland Islands; this site is also a portal south america to sites hosted by them.
  • The Falkland Islands Company - Services include retailing and distribution, port services, shipping, business and economy hotels and mineral exploration.
  • Main Point Farm - Typical Falklands farm that also breeds miniature horses. south america Includes stock details, owner profile, and general island south america information.
  • Falkland Oil and Gas Limited - Operating in the undrilled South and East Falkland Basins, potentially business and economy a new petroleum province in the South Atlantic.
  • Stanley Services Limited - A joint venture between the Falkland Island Government south america and S and JD Robertson Group, and Lavinia south america Corporation. Provides fuel to both the domestic population south america of the Falkland Islands and the fishing fleet.
  • Design In Nature - Promoting the book of Falklands landscapes, Design In Nature's Atmosphere.
  • A Taste of the Falklands - Promoting the book about the islands.

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