Wildlife Ecology and Management

Publications and videos on management and control of nuisance animals and birds; also information on desirable wildlife and fish farming.

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See Also:
  • Bear Research, Education, and Conservation Program, Washington State University - Mission statement, description and photos of research activities, biology donor information, and other topics.
  • Pollinator Partnership - Information for gardeners, educators and resource managers to biology encourage the health of resident and migratory pollinator biology animals. Extensive digital document library provides gardening and biology other information.
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Beluga Whales - A system of understanding one\\'s environment. It is built ecology over generations, as people depend on the land and ecology sea for their food, materials, and culture.
  • Predator Project: Saving a Place for America's Predators - Predator protection, wildland protection, grassroots advocacy, non-profit organization located in Bozeman, Montana.
  • Managing Michigans Wildlife: A Landowner's Guide - Articles and documents provide information on attracting and ecology managing wildlife biology in backyards and natural areas.
  • Redwood Sciences Laboratory Wildlife Research Publications - Papers from the Pacific Southwest Research Station of biology the USDA ecology Forest Service.
  • National Wildlife Refuge System - Detailed information on all aspects of refuge management ecology in the biology USA. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Environmental-Studies.de - Includes information about worldwide GPS tracking research projects wildlife ecology and ecology management on wildlife.
  • Program for the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna - Established to address the special needs of Arctic biology species and their habitats in the rapidly developing biology Arctic region. It forms a program of the biology Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS).
  • Backyard Forest Stewardship - From the Washington State Department of Natural Resources ecology comes information wildlife ecology and management on keeping your family safe from ecology natural hazards, including wildfire, wildlife ecology and management keep your forest healthy ecology and attractive and improving wildlife habitat wildlife ecology and management in your ecology yard and forest.
  • Delta Waterfowl Foundation - Delta is an independent, non-profit, waterfowl conservation organization. wildlife ecology and ecology management Delta\\'s mission is to promote sustainable waterfowl wildlife ecology ecology and management populations for the enjoyment of future generations.
  • Time, Points and Space: Analysis of Wildlife Data in GIS - Dissertation by Stephan Imfeld (Universit├Ąt Z├╝rich).
  • Atlantic Cooperative Wildlife Ecology Research Network - Regional research network focused on wildlife ecology in wildlife ecology and wildlife ecology and management management the marine, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems of Atlantic wildlife ecology wildlife ecology and management and management Canada.
  • Elephant Satellite Tracking in Malaysia - One of the tasks handled is to help biology landowners reduce ecology crop damage caused by wildlife. Elephants biology can cause great damage ecology to plantations. To reduce biology that damage, DWNP has developed an ecology elephant trans-location biology program.
  • K-State Research and Extension Library: Wildlife Management Library - Publications and videos on management and control of biology nuisance animals biology and birds; also information on desirable biology wildlife and fish farming.
  • Millennium Wildlife Sciences - Promotes non-lethal wildlife management. Information about the Black ecology Bear Sterilization Project, mission statement, contact information, and ecology donation form.
  • Wildlife Ecology - Study of the distribution and reproductive status of wildlife ecology and ecology management grassland birds with respect to condition of grassland wildlife ecology ecology and management habitat in Virginia.
  • Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Management Board - SRSMB is dedicated to preventing further decline of the lake wildlife ecology and management sturgeon population in the Saskatchewan River between E.B. Campbell Dam wildlife ecology and management in Saskatchewan and Grand Rapids Dam in Manitoba.
  • Western Section of the Wildlife Society - Group of professionals in all areas of wildlife ecology, conservation, wildlife ecology and management and management from California, Nevada, Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands.
  • Wildlife Research - A journal for publication on all aspects of ecology conservation and biology management of wild vertebrates.
  • Wisdom of Wildlife - Blog written by an Indonesian wildlife biologist working in Indonesia biology on conservation research. It deals with a range of topics biology from the rainforest to urban life.
  • Olympia Forest Science Laboratory - Wildlife Ecology Team - Their research focuses on ecology, management, and conservation of sensitive wildlife ecology and management wildlife species.
  • The WILD Foundation - The International Wilderness Leadership (WILD) Foundation supports the biology protection and wildlife ecology and management appropriate use of critical wilderness areas, biology wildland values and endangered wildlife ecology and management wildlife throughout the world.

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