Cervidae Artiodactyla Mammalia Chordata

The Deer Family

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See Also:
  • Fallow Deer: Dama dama - Factsheet on this deer, its description, distribution and biology, with several photographs.
  • Muntjak (Muntiacus muntjak) - Photo and facts on behavior and identifying characteristics artiodactyla of this species.
  • Water Chevrotain: Hyemoschus aquaticus - Factsheet on this small deer from Central Africa, artiodactyla its description, artiodactyla distribution, biology, behavior and history.
  • DeerNet - University of Alberta compendium on the ecology, management, mammalia and economic cervidae utilization of hoofed mammals.
  • Megaloceros, Irish Elk: Megaloceros giganteus - Factsheet on this large extinct species, with a photograph of artiodactyla what it would have looked like.
  • World Deer - Provides photos and species accounts. Includes overview of artiodactyla biology of species in this family.
  • Reeves' or Chinese Muntjac Deer: Muntiacus reevesi - Factsheet on this small deer, also known as artiodactyla the Barking cervidae Deer, its description, distribution and biology, artiodactyla with several photographs.
  • British and European Ungulates - Descriptions of the deer, wild goats, and sheep of Britain mammalia and Europe by Mark Walker.
  • Chital: Axis axis - Factsheet on this deer from India and Sri mammalia Lanka, its artiodactyla description, distribution and biology, with several mammalia photographs.
  • Family Cervidae - A description of the deer family.

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