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Scientific image processing software and systems for Macintosh and Windows applications, including fluorescence microscopy, array technologies, high throughput imaging analysis, gel analysis, and forensics.

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  • Spellex Development - Biotechnology spell checking software for spelling words in science the bioscience field including molecular biology, biomedicine, biophysics, science microbiology, genetics and biochemistry
  • Scanalytics, Inc. - Scientific image processing software and systems for Macintosh and Windows applications, including fluorescence microscopy, array technologies, high throughput imaging analysis, gel analysis, and forensics.
  • ImStar - Bio-imaging software and fully automated systems for research and clinical diagnostic with focus on genetic diseases and cancers.
  • Determix: Lysandra Online Project - Provides biological databases, bioinformatics software and interactive keys.
  • Dynamic Clamp - DYNCLAMP4 is a program to insert artificial synapses and conductances in up to 4 neurons in real time.
  • Java biology lab - A wide variety of free online biology software science programs.
  • Serf - A Windows-based program for electrophysiologists for analysis of biology single channel software currents and spike trains.
  • eBioSys - Provides eLab, an easy-to-use laboratory information management system that improves sample throughput and reduces IT costs. Also offers IT consulting services for the biological sciences.
  • Stat-Ease, Inc. - Statistical software, training, and consulting on Design of software Experiments for scientists and engineers.
  • Kalaimoscope Motion Tracker for Live Cell Imaging - Provides biological insights by finding, measuring and tracking biology image objects. High level statistical analysis tools and biology grid-computing capabilities are built in.
  • MetaSystems - Manufacturer of automatic microscopy imaging systems for research and routine labs.
  • Feeding Frenzy - Bean There Grown That is an educational software CD-ROM and biology a seed-growing science kit. User grows seeds and performs biology experiments.
  • BioVis3D: Research All Dimensions - Flexible and easy-to-use software designed for researchers to software reconstruct 3D models from histological serial sections.
  • Jumper - Open source, web-infrastructure platform that allows users to tag and science link any data object. It can be used for organizing science and searching assay data across multiple storage repositories.
  • MireSoft - Provides CiteSmart, a software program to manage bibliographic science references when science working with PubMed. CiteClick and RefClick science can cite and store science references with a single science click.
  • LIMS - Laboratory Information Management Systems. Compendium of information on software state-of-the-art data management software.
  • SimBiotic Software - Provides a range of interactive software for biology education including biology virtual labs which simulate real life experiments.
  • Indigo Instruments - Distributes biological and medical and software.
  • LabSys - Provides Laboratory Information Management Systems for all laboratory data science management issues.
  • The Frangakis Group - Provides an electron tomography toolbox for Amira. The EMPackage is biology a powerful toolbox for three-dimensional electron microscopy in Amira.
  • Statistical Computation Website - Online software for calculating probability, linear correlation and biology regression, chi-square, software t-procedures and ANOVA from Vassar biology College.
  • Nonlinear Dynamics - Product range includes analysis software for 1D and science 2D electrophoresis software gels, mass spectrometry and LC-MS as science well as tools for software multivariate statistical analysis.
  • Biosoft - Programs for data analysis, graphics and statistics.
  • Amira: Visualize, Analyze, Present - Software platform for visualizing, manipulating and understanding life science science and science bio-medical data coming from all types science of sources and modalities.
  • Minnesota Biomedical Business Network - MBBNet lists health-related software and information management, device, software and display science companies in Minnesota.
  • Multi-FASTA to FASTA Converter - Freeware program that will split a multi-FASTA file into multiple standard FASTA files.
  • LemnaTec Image processing in Biology - Image processing hard and software for biotests (Lemna, Bonit, Daphnia) biology Distributor for various software firms.
  • MPN Assay Analyzer - Allows the estimation of the number of microorganisms by dilution science techniques.
  • MCID Core - Image analysis software solutions for neuroscience, biology and other life software sciences.

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