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Notes on clutch size optimization in birds, reproductive success, embryo development, incubation and the hatching process, with links to other similar articles.

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  • Creches - Article describing how some birds adopt the strategy of grouping chordates their young, leaving them with a guardian while both parents chordates go off to forage.
  • Bird Milk - Article describing how the young of some birds are fed zoology on special secretions from their parents.
  • Feather Quest - Interactive quiz. Can you identify the birds from ornithology which these zoology feathers come?
  • Urban Birds - Article discussing how birds have adapted to urban zoology foraging amid zoology the artificial concrete and steel ecosystems zoology of cities.
  • The Making of an Egg - Describes the development of the egg of a zoology bird from the release of a mature ovum zoology to the completed egg with shell being laid.
  • Parental Care - The young of passerines when first hatched are naked, blind, and helpless and require much care which involves feeding, training and protection from predators.
  • Teachers' Domain: Bird Beak Gallery - Provides an essay on beaks, and photographs of birds heads zoology and beaks.
  • Polygyny - Most birds are monogamous, but in some species ornithology the occurrence of polygyny, where one male mates ornithology with more than one female, is related to ornithology high-quality territories with an abundance of resources.
  • Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center - Ecological and land-management research, education, conservation policy, data chordates on migration and fact sheets.
  • Bird Respiratory System - Article explaining how air sacs play an important chordates part in the gaseous exchange in birds, with chordates many diagrams.
  • List of Essays - Many articles on every aspect of bird life. A comprehensive and useful resource.
  • The Mystery of Migration - Article that tries to answer the question of zoology how and ornithology why birds migrate.
  • Beak - Article describing the anatomy of this distinctive feature of birds chordates which, in addition to eating, can be used for grooming, chordates manipulating objects, killing prey, probing for food, courtship, and feeding chordates the young.
  • Sense of Direction - Article from the Princeton Weekly Bulletin outlining how Biologist Martin Wikelski is helping to settle the long-standing debate over how migratory birds manage to navigate in darkness and bad weather.
  • ABCD: Avian Brain Circuitry Database - Searchable database of the regions of a bird’s brain.
  • Vocal Dialects - Article describing how the songs of many avian ornithology species show geographic variation.
  • Chicken Embryo - A number of fine photographs of the development chordates of a chick inside the egg.
  • Bird Skull Collection - Images and data about skulls of western Palearctic and Tropical zoology species, with complete skeletons of some species.
  • When and How do Birds Migrate - Article discussing the varying strategies adopted by birds in finding their way when taking part in their long distance journeys.
  • Bird Banding Laboratory - Based at the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, issues permits zoology to researchers in the United States who place uniquely numbered zoology bands (rings) on birds\\' legs. Site features the history of zoology banding and reporting of bird band observations.
  • Power Napping in Pigeons - Max Planck scientists find evidence that pigeons prevented zoology from taking ornithology naps in the afternoon sleep more zoology intensely at night.[PDF]
  • Ornithological Worldwide Literature - OWL is a compilation of citations and abstracts chordates from worldwide publications concerning the science of ornithology.
  • The Normal Moulting Process in Birds - Talk given by Avian Vet A. K. Jones to a chordates conference of the Association of Avian Veterinarians in August 1998.
  • Electronic Resources on Ornithology - Annotated links and ornithological articles by Christopher Majka.
  • Raptor Information System - The RIS is a free searchable catalog of zoology over 38,000 chordates references about the biology and management zoology of birds of prey.
  • EcoBirds Behaviour - Provides a series of bird articles covering nesting, song, migration zoology and the curious habit of anting.
  • Vocal Functions - Songs identify the species of the singing bird. The territorial song of males serves the dual purpose of territorial proclamation directed at other males and of mate attraction directed toward females.
  • Ornithology: Science of Birds - Includes data on the science of wild birds, ornithology with an ornithology emphasis on conservation and education.
  • Birdnet - Ornithological Council\\'s website with comprehensive data about North American ornithological resources.
  • The Structure of Avian Skin and Feathers - Technical article describing a bird\\'s skin and associated chordates structures, its ornithology feathers, beak, claws and spurs.
  • Avian Reproduction: Anatomy and the Bird Egg - Notes on the bird reproductive system and the development of zoology the embryo, with explanatory drawings and photographs.
  • Birdcall synthesis - Article describing how birds use their syrinx, throat ornithology and beak to make a wide range of ornithology tones without the sophisticated muscle structure possessed by ornithology humans.
  • Development and Uses of Avian Skeleton Collections - Skeletons are essential for the identification of fossils, ornithology bones from archaeological sites and food items taken ornithology by predators as well as histological and physiological ornithology studies.[PDF]
  • Incubation: Heating the Egg - Most birds create the required temperature by sitting ornithology on their chordates eggs but some transfer heat through ornithology their webbed feet, and chordates the megapodes of Australia ornithology bury them in a mound of chordates decaying vegetation.
  • Sexual Selection - Female birds of some species tend to choose as mates those males holding the most desirable territories, but there is little evidence that females preferentially select males with different degrees of ornamentation.
  • Site Tenacity - Many birds return to the same nesting site each season. This essay discusses why this should be so.
  • Avian Reproduction: Clutch Size, Incubation and Hatching - Notes on clutch size optimization in birds, reproductive success, embryo development, incubation and the hatching process, with links to other similar articles.
  • Vocal Copying - Article describing how birds learn their songs from adult tutors zoology and may incorporate sounds from other species into their repertoire.
  • Flight in Birds - How do birds fly? An introduction to flight in birds zoology examining wing shape, airflows, flapping flight and gliding.
  • The Atlas of Bird Migration - Comprehensive article on the great challenge faced by long distance migrants which have to find their way to winter quarters and return to their breeding grounds in the spring.[PDF]
  • Territoriality - Article describing how birds try to exclude others zoology of the same species from their home range.
  • A Qualitative and Quantitative Study of the Lung of an Ostrich - The colossal body size, the relinquishment of flight and the chordates extreme thermal stresses on the ground make the examination of chordates an ostrich’s lungs rewarding.
  • Mechanics of Respiration in Birds - Notes and diagrams explaining how birds ventilate their lungs.
  • Population Dynamics - Essay discussing the factors behind the variation in the number chordates of individuals in a bird population over time.
  • Flapping Flight: Inertial Studies - Technical article by researchers at Bristol University who measured the chordates wings of bats and birds and calculated their efficiency in chordates flight.
  • Index of Lectures - A series of articles on different aspects of bird biology such as feathers, flight, respiration, territoriality, reproduction and metabolism.
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  • A Tale of Two Boobies - Biological examination and dissection at the Slater Museum of a booby that strayed to the Pacific Northwest.[RSS]
  • Wing Image Collection - The Slater Museum of Natural History provides a comprehensive selection of photographs of bird wings.[RSS]

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