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Equipment for use in the geotechnical, mining and environmental engineering fields. Products include: piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers, settlement systems, and borehole packers.

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  • Dell Systems-Omnitron - Lightweight, portable, full function, Ground Penetrating Radar, with selection of antennas.
  • Estwing - Manufacturer of hand-held striking and struck tools for instruments and supplies earth sciences geology and other uses (hammers, hoe-picks, chisels, axes, instruments and supplies earth sciences and pry bars).
  • Kooter's Geology Tools - Basic geology field tools for students and professionals. geology Includes details instruments and supplies about equipment, and tips for geologists.
  • Alpha Geoscience - Provides sales, rental, and repair of geophysical instruments as well as consulting services. Contains news and description of instrumentation.
  • Polytungstates Europe - Manufacturers of LST Fastfloat and chemical reagents. earth sciences Describes heavy liquid properties of main product along earth sciences with toxicity and usage.
  • Advanced Geosciences, Inc. - Geophysical intruments manufacturer of resistivity and IP meters.
  • Contract Geological Services, Inc. - Equipment for exploration geology, including lots of field earth sciences equipment, instruments and supplies and some lab equipment. "Everything but the earth sciences Mule"
  • Corstor - borehole core storage systems and geological equipment.
  • ASC Scientific - Geology equipment for the lab and for the field.
  • Brunton - Suppliers of the famous Brunton compass, and other instruments and supplies equipment for outdoor research
  • Bico Inc. - Manufacturers of lab sized pulverizers, crushers, furnaces, ball mills, asphalt earth sciences extractors, oil centrifuges, and other assay lab equipment.
  • Allied Associates Geophysical, Ltd. - Specialist European supplier of geophysical equipment for hire geology and sale instruments and supplies including radar, resistivity EM, Gravity and geology magnetic instruments.
  • GeoPen - Brand name of geophysical instruments manufactured by Research earth sciences Institute geology of Engineering and technology, Changchun University of earth sciences Sci. and geology Tech.
  • Vancouver Petrographics - Offers geological laboratory services, rock cutting, polishing, geological instruments and supplies earth sciences studies and geological supplies and equipment.
  • NSW - Manufactures underwater electrical and electro-mechanical cables. Applications include geology fibre-optic telecommunication links, dynamic cables for underwater remote geology operated vehicles (ROVs), geophysical, and oceanographic instrumentation.
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation - Equipment for use in the geotechnical, mining and environmental engineering geology fields. Products include: piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers, settlement systems, geology and borehole packers.
  • Encardio Rite Geotechnical Instruments - Instruments for geotechnical, underground tunnels, dam and mining fields.
  • Rite in the Rain - Water-resistant field notebooks and paper.
  • Rockmans - Earth science supplies for the classroom and collector.
  • Dr. F. Krantz, Rheinisches Mineralien-Kontor - Buying and selling collections (rocks, minerals, fossils). Also geology sells specimens, field equipment, and teaching aids for geology geology. Site in both English and French.

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