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Integrate geochemical, geological, and engineering data to evaluate origin of seeps, charge risk assessment and reservoir continuity. Oil viscosity and gravity predicted.

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  • Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd. - Application of hydrodynamics and geology for petroleum exploration geology and development.
  • Reservoir Associates International - Specializing in sedimentological and diagenetic studies of clastic geology strata and geology subsurface reservoir analysis.
  • Dwight Ingram - Develops prospects and provides consulting services. Works primarily geology in the consulting Rocky Mountain area.
  • Drill Core Measurements - DCM offers a core-based measurement service to minimize rock stress consulting related problems in wellbores of the oil and gas exploration consulting industries.
  • GHGeochem Ltd - UK company with worldwide experience focused on providing geology geochemical data consulting and interpretation services to the petroleum geology industry.
  • TerraGeoLogica - Provides consulting services in structural geology, regional geology, field mapping and subsurface interpretation for hydrocarbon and mining exploration and for seismotectonic hazard assessment in New Zealand and Australasia.
  • Seistrac Consultant - Geological and geophysical consulting. 20 years+ experience in geology exploration and consulting production including USA, Venezuela and North geology Africa.
  • GEPlan Consulting - Oil and gas consulting company, providing integrated services geology for new ventures, exploration, appraisal and development projects.
  • Leighton F. Young, Certified Petroleum Geologist - Consulting exploration geologist. Geological prospects available for sale to qualified petroleum investors.
  • Exterra Geoscience Web Page - Specializing in the processing and analysis of dipmeter petroleum and borehole petroleum image data.
  • Geotrace Technologies, Inc. - Reservoir service company which develops methods for the imaging and consulting analysis of subsurface data for the purpose of evaluating reservoirs.
  • Advanced Basin Chemical Modeling, Inc. - Basin modeling, including analysis of porosity evolution, hydrocarbon migration patterns consulting and predictions of the hydrocarbon types.
  • Petro-gen Geoconsultancy Ltd. - On-site geological consultant for drilling operations. Experienced in geology detecting and petroleum dealing with abnormal pressures.
  • Resource Development Partners - Geoscience and engineering staff manage producing properties for maxium profit. consulting Gulf Coast and Midcontinent emphasis.
  • LTRO - Locate the Remaining Oil - Development petroleum engineering consultants offering expertise in oil geology and gas consulting field development.
  • Rose and Associates - Specializing in risk analylsis for exploration and production petroleum operators. Education, consulting services and highly specialized petroleum software.
  • Cerberus Consultants - Geological consulting for exploration and development.
  • GeoCana Petroleum Inc. - Provides operations geology and wellsite geological supervision to petroleum the oil and gas exploration industry at Canadian petroleum and global onshore and offshore locations.
  • GeOvations Geological Consultants - Wellsite geology and log analysis. UK based.
  • Structural Solutions - Geologic consultancy focusing on the analysis of complex structures and regional tectonics to aid oil and gas exploration and exploitation in structurally complex areas.
  • Carbonate Research Consulting Inc. - Worldwide geologic, geophysical, engineering and training services in carbonate rocks consulting for the oil industry.
  • Gregory Olszewski - Geologic and geophysical consulting services for exploration and petroleum development projects. petroleum Houston based. Some Russian petroleum and Spanish language skills.
  • The Discovery Group, Inc. - Consulting petroleum geologists specializing in petrophysics, reservoir characterization, mapping and consulting stratigraphy.
  • Jennifer Wells & Associates Ltd. - Engaged in a subscription study of the underexploited consulting shallow gas potential of the Edmonton and Paskapoo consulting in the W5 area, Canada.
  • Applied Petroleum Technology - Provides organic and inorganic geochemistry and basin modeling petroleum services.
  • W.H. Pierce Exploration - Middle East regional geology. Offering geologic maps and GIS geology data.
  • Scheevel Geo Technologies - Geological and geophysical reservoir evaluation, well planning and execution, 3D consulting reservoir modeling.
  • Argo Geological Consultants - Providing geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural interpretation, production geology, geology and data petroleum management.
  • GeoProfessionals Ltd. - Alliance of exploration and production consultants based in consulting New Zealand. geology E-solutions for SE Asia, Australia and consulting worldwide.
  • Geocosm - Reservoir quality consortium. Research on sandstone diagenesis and development petroleum of improved subsurface petrophysical models.
  • Synergic Petroleum Technologies S.A - Mud logging, formation evaluation, applied geochemistry, reservoir management, basin analysis-mathematical modeling, information management systems.
  • Don Hallett, PhD - Emphasis on Libia, North Sea and North Africa. consulting In association petroleum with other specialist consulting groups, offers consulting a complete range of petroleum exploration and production services.
  • 3D Geo - Provides seismic-structural geology solutions for the oil and geology gas, mineral and geothermal industries with experience in geology Asia and the Middle East.
  • Blackbourn Geoconsulting - Petrography, petroleum geology, reservoir studies, basin analysis, core geology logging and geology well appraisal. Based in Scotland. geology Experience in Former geology Soviet Union.
  • Chinook Consulting Services - Specialists providing wellsite geological supervision, core and cuttings geology petrographic studies consulting and operations geology services.
  • Dawson Geophysical Company - Acquires and analyzes 3-d seismic data used in consulting determining whether subsurface geologic conditions appear favorable for consulting the accumulation of oil and natural gas.
  • OilGasTech - Specializing in finding new reservoirs in South Louisiana by unraveling geology complex salt-related structures and locating significant bypassed and/or overlooked zones.
  • CSA Group - Geological analysis and well site services. Petroleum, mining, construction geology and environmental projects.
  • Raven Ridge Resources - Specializing in coalbed methane and coal mine methane geology development worldwide.
  • Davis-Namson Consulting Geologists - Offers structural geology and petroleum consulting services.
  • Oiltracers LLC - Integrate geochemical, geological, and engineering data to evaluate consulting origin of seeps, charge risk assessment and reservoir consulting continuity. Oil viscosity and gravity predicted.
  • M. Bradford Rine, Geologist and Petroleum Consultant - Consulting services for prospect evaluation and development, property evaluation, reservoir consulting studies, wellsite supervision and expert testimony.
  • Geo-Logic Ltd. - Geological engineering and technical services. Geological field petroleum Trips. Based in New Zealand.
  • Michael G. Mackenzie, Ph.D. - Gulf Coast subsurface interpretation for exploration and development.
  • TRACS International (Australasia) - Subsurface studies. Training for exploration and production geology professionals. Operate mainly in Australia, South East geology Asia, the Pacific region, and the Far East.
  • Wairarapa Geological Services - Support for exploration and exploitation projects in Southeast Asia and geology the Southwest Pacific regions. New Zealand Based.
  • Pearson Technologies Inc. - Consulting company specializing in gravity, magnetic, geologic and petroleum seismic integrated consulting interpretations largely for the petroleum industry.
  • - Offers clients a complete exploration department on line.

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