Rockhounding Rocks and Minerals Geology Earth Sciences

An authoritative and comprehensive guide to Arkansas geology, mineral, and rock collecting sites. Written by the well known geologist Mike Howard.

    Top: Science: Earth Sciences: Geology: Rocks and Minerals: Rockhounding

See Also:
  • The Rock Picks Project - Offers maps of rock collecting locations around the United States and Canada. Has viewer input capabilities, photos, videos, forums, and links.
  • MinMax - Searchable, interactive database of minerals, localities and other rocks and minerals geology rockhounding information.
  • Hinkle's Rock Shop & Opal Mine - Specialize in Oregon thundereggs as well as various geology other Oregon materials. Plus home for the Rock geology Shops Opal Mine. Includes sharp photographs.
  • Rockhounding Arkansas - An authoritative and comprehensive guide to Arkansas geology, geology mineral, and geology rock collecting sites. Written by the geology well known geologist Mike geology Howard.
  • Dirty Rockhounds - Features a discussion forum, and lists gemstones and rocks and minerals collecting sites by State. Also has instructions rocks and minerals for the beginning collector and gold panner.
  • Blue Hollow Sapphire Mine - Located near Sapphire in Central Queensland, Australia. Learn rockhounding about sapphires, how and where to go fossicking rockhounding for them when you visit Central Queensland.
  • Rock Picture of the Week - Shows a new rock, mineral, or fossil related picture each rocks and minerals week. Contains a picture archive, rock hunting areas, a mineral rocks and minerals field test, and links.
  • Minerals, Specimens and Crystals - Online link direct to the mines and lapidary rocks and minerals rocks and minerals shops for mineral specimens and crystals, display specimens, rocks and minerals rocks and minerals unique decorator and collector pieces.
  • Kreigh's Web Resources - A large collection of links and original information rocks and minerals for Rockhounds about geology, minerals, fossils, lapidary, rock rocks and minerals clubs, and other related subjects. Many dealer sites rocks and minerals have also been included.
  • Geology Adventures - Founded in 1983. Book rockhounding field trips for clubs and organizations.
  • Idaho Rockhounding Adventures - A Idaho and Oregon rock hound site dedicated geology to the collection of rocks and minerals. Featuring geology field trip reports and dig location.
  • Pyramidia - Online information repository for the mineral form known rockhounding variously as geology Glendonite, Thinolite, Gennouishi (Hammerstone), Jarrowite, and rockhounding Pyramidite. Features a blog, geology gallery, and resource page.
  • How to Become a Rockhound - Step by step instructions and tips for the rocks and minerals geology prospective and beginning rockhound.
  • Bobs Rock Shop - Ezine for mineral collectors, rockhounds and lapidary hobbyists. rocks and minerals Includes forum board, rocks and minerals bulletin board, details about Tucson events, and list rocks and minerals of US clubs.
  • Yurila's Oregon Thundereggs - A gallery of Yurila\\'s thundereggs and directions to rocks and minerals rockhounding the collecting locations.
  • Rockhounds Information Page - Link list and information about the rockhounds mailing list.
  • Casey's Rockhound Headquarters - Several pages of pictures of Casey's rock collection.
  • Virgin Valley Opals - Includes collection sites, geology and history of the rockhounding area.
  • Cape Cod Rocks - Pictorial museum, exhibiting gems, fossils, rocks, and mineral geology specimens.
  • RockHound Blog - A blog designed to help rockhound enthusiasts connect, rocks and minerals rocks and minerals swap information, and chat. Features many categories and rocks and minerals rocks and minerals archives.
  • Nikolay Gospodinov Collection - Bilingual Russian and English language site with photos and information geology on the mineral and fossil collection of Nikolay Gospodinov.
  • Marco's Italian Minerals - Private collection, trade lists, research; and exchange experiences with other rocks and minerals rockhounds. Only site that trades exclusively in Italian, or alpine rocks and minerals minerals.
  • Santa Rosa Mineral and Gem Society - Located in Windsor, California. Information on field trips, how to geology join, and the GEM-N-I newsletter.

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