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  • Reformulated Gasoline - U.S. EPA collection of fact sheets, technical documents, computer models, energy data, Congressional testimony, and other materials about the reformulation of energy gasoline by adding MTBE, ethanol, or other oxygenates to reduce energy air pollution.
  • Bibliography on MTBE and Water Quality - Searchable database of technical reference citations, by US energy Geological Survey.
  • MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) Information - U.S. EPA site about MTBE and releases from petroleum in the environment underground storage tank systems.
  • Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether - Fact sheet on the fate and transport of fuel oxygenates MTBE energy (from underground gasoline storage tanks) in groundwater.
  • MTBE Resources - American Petroleum Institute compilation of online technical information fuel oxygenates on fuel oxygenates (primarily MTBE) in soil, groundwater fuel oxygenates and surface water. Includes both API-generated material and fuel oxygenates information from other sources.
  • European Fuel Oxygenates Association - Extensive information on the benefits of oxygenates in petroleum in the environment gasoline, the role that MTBE plays in improving petroleum in the environment air quality, and health and environmental issues related petroleum in the environment to its use. Source is trade organization of petroleum in the environment MTBE producers.
  • U.S. EPA Blue Ribbon Panel for Reviewing the Use of MTBE and Other Oxygenates in Gasoline - Presentations heard by panel, panel report (1999), and petroleum in the petroleum in the environment environment related Internet links.
  • MTBE Treatment Profiles - U.S. EPA compilation of studies and experiences with in situ and ex situ treatment of groundwater and drinking water contaminated with MTBE.
  • Assessing the transport and fate of MTBE - An article on the oxygenates MTBE and TAME fuel oxygenates and fuel oxygenates how they have led to contamination of fuel oxygenates major aquifers, fuel oxygenates including the Chalk aquifer of southern fuel oxygenates England.

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