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Annual science festival in Pittsburgh, featuring presentations, exhibits, and hands-on activities. Events calendar, science fair, and information for the media and for teachers.

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  • Wonders 2007 - Website of the European Science Festival to be held in festivals various European cities between March and November 2007. Contains information festivals about the different locations, specific events, and participants.
  • Pittsburgh SciTech Festival - Annual science festival in Pittsburgh, featuring presentations, exhibits, events and hands-on events activities. Events calendar, science fair, and events information for the media events and for teachers.
  • Cambridge, UK Science Festival - In addition to information about festival events and the school program, this site features a variety of science-related interactive games as well as festival podcasts and videos.
  • Wonderfest Festival of Science - Biannual event in which pairs of researchers discuss and debate events current scientific questions. Much of the event is available events for review over the internet in audio and video formats.
  • Edinburgh International Science Festival - Features information about the Wonderama, lists of events events and supporters, festivals news, and information about the festival\\'s events touring school program "Generation festivals Science".
  • Axis 2009 - Website for the 2009 technology festival of the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, to be held in September 18-20.
  • Luxembourg Science Festival - Includes information about the Science Circus, previous festivals, and the current program.
  • NZ Science Festival - Information about events, with a focus on the festivals 2006 festival. Also features a festival weblog, a festivals festival wiki, and special material for schools and festivals for children.
  • World Science Festival - Annual science festival to be held in New York starting 2008. Site contains information about partners and advisers, as well as contact information and a link to a video clip containing more information about the festival itself.
  • British Science Festival - Festival organized by the British Science Association. Includes events news, booking festivals information, event descriptions, and job offers.
  • Cambridge, Mass. Science Festival - Annual spring event presented by the MIT Museum. Event descriptions; information for participants, volunteers, and media; and ticket sales.
  • Australian Science Festival - Information about events, highlights and competition. Also features festivals a Media events Centre and information about jobs with festivals the festival.
  • Wikipedia: Science Festival - Encyclopedia article about the different types of science festivals held around the world, including some historical remarks.
  • European Science Events Association - European association for organizers of science festivals and events other science events communication events. Includes information about members events and the association\\'s conferences, events as well as updated events lists of science festivals and similar events events throughout events Europe.
  • Cheltenham Science Festival - Part of the more general Cheltenham Festivals website; events links to festival brochure and to list of events festival events.
  • Science Rendezvous - Information about open days, details of how to festivals volunteer, and events contact organizers at locations in Toronto, festivals Canada.

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