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Takes as input the specification of a finitely-valued first-order logic and produces a sequent calculus, a natural deduction system, and clause formation rules for this logic.

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See Also:
  • Database of Existing Mechanized Reasoning Systems - A list (>50 entries) of automatic resolution provers (like Otter), logic and foundations interactive provers (like PVS) and other mechanized reasoning tools.
  • DC Proof Online - New proof-writing software to teach the fundamentals of math logic and proof. Enables users/students to write error-free math proofs by selecting rules of inference, axioms, etc. math from convenient drop-down menus. Includes tutorial and exercises.
  • Logic Software from CSLI - By Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy.
  • PROTEIN - A PROver with a Theory Extension INterface. logic and foundations Theorem prover for first-order clause logic, written in logic and foundations ECRC's Prolog-dialect ECLiPSe. Free download, documentation.
  • The Coq Project - Deals with effectively machine-checked formal mathematics. In practice, this includes math the study of mathematical formalisms well-suited for implementations, the implementations math themselves and the use of these for various applications. Focuses math on software c
  • llprover - A linear logic prover that searches a cut-free proof for logic and foundations the given two-sided sequent of first-order linear logic.
  • DELORES - A forward-chaining reasoning engine for defeasible logic, a less expressive but more efficient nonmonotonic logic.
  • Bertrand - Bertrand solves sets of first-order predicate logic statements for satisfiability (consistency), validity, and equivalence. It also checks single statements for "logical truth" (tautology) and "logical falsity" (self-contradiction).
  • Proof General - Comprehensive Gnu-Emacs and XEmacs interface for several theorem provers including software Coq, Isabelle, Lego, and Phox.
  • Church - Program understands the different types of lambda expressions, can extract math lists of variables (both free and bound) and subterms, and math can simplify complicated expressions. Uses Python.
  • LWB - Logics Workbench.
  • PVS - The PVS Specification and Verification System. Available logic and foundations for Sparc machines with Solaris 2 and Intel logic and foundations x86 Machines with Linux compatible with Redhat 5 logic and foundations or later. Required is Emacs (version 19 logic and foundations or later), recommended LaTeX and Tcl/Tk. Download logic and foundations by FTP.
  • Paradox - A tool that processes first-order logic problems and logic and foundations tries to find finite-domain models for them; written logic and foundations by Koen Claessen and Niklas Sörensson. Haskell logic and foundations and C++; free download under GPL.
  • ACL2 Version 2.7 - A programming language in which you can model computer systems math and a tool to help prove properties of those models. math Available under GPL and runs on various platforms. math Includes related download links.
  • j'Imp Theorem Prover - An automatic theorem prover based on set of support and ordered resolution for first-order logic. j\\'Imp is part of the Orbital library. This library is a Java class providing object-oriented representations and algorithms for logic, mathematics, and arti
  • WinKE - An interactive proof assistant based on analytic tableaux, and designed logic and foundations for the teaching of deductive reasoning. Ordering information is logic and foundations available at this site, as are academic papers on the logic and foundations design of the software.
  • CrocoPat: Simple and Efficient Relational Programming - CrocoPat manipulates relations of any arity, including graphs math (which are software binary relations). Its simple and expressive math query and manipulation language software is based on first-order math predicate calculus. The implementation is based software on the math data structure binary deci
  • LOOM - A language and environment for constructing intelligent applications. It logic and foundations is a research project in the Artificial Intelligence research group logic and foundations at the University of Southern California\\'s Information Sciences Institute. logic and foundations The goal of the project is to develop
  • ProofPower - A suite of tools supporting specification and proof logic and foundations software in Higher Order Logic (HOL) and in Z logic and foundations software notation.
  • Gateway to Logic - A collection of web-based logic programs offering a math number of logical functions: interactively or automatically build math proofs, check theorems, and operate on propositional logic math formulae.
  • Isabelle - A generic theorem proving environment developed at Cambridge logic and foundations University (Larry Paulson) and TU Munich (Tobias Nipkow). logic and foundations Includes logic, documentation and free download.
  • VeriFun - A semi-automated system for the verification of statements math about programs written in a functional programming language. math The system is capable of following fully-automated routines math for theorem proving and hypotheses formation, as well math as operating interact
  • Spreadsheet Logic - Free Microsoft Excel add-in for processing and evaluating logic in your spreadhseet.
  • Automated Reasoning Project - Web resource provided by research group. Includes logic and foundations logic and foundations access to software developed by the team, coverering logic and foundations logic and foundations such projects as FINDER (Finite Domain Enumerator), MaGIC logic and foundations logic and foundations (Matrix Generator for Implication Connectives) and Kripke (A logic and foundations logic and foundations theorem prover for the relevant
  • Tree Proof Generator - An implementation of the semantic tableaux method for math classical propositional math and predicate logic, written in JavaScript/DOM.
  • MUltseq - A generic sequent prover for propositional finitely-valued logics.
  • MUltlog - Takes as input the specification of a finitely-valued first-order logic and produces a sequent calculus, a natural deduction system, and clause formation rules for this logic.
  • ModLeanTAP: Lean Tableau-based Deduction for Propositional Modal Logics - Lean Tableau-based Deduction for Propositional Modal Logics. By math Bernhard Beckert.

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