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Rigorous derivation of sound wave equations from a molecular model of an ideal diatomic gas. General solution of the wave equations. Point source radiating in a moving medium.

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  • Wave Equation - Mathematical description and derivation of wave equations.
  • The Lagrange Points - Overview of the Lagrange points of the sun-earth-system. Links to a detailed derivation.
  • Physics of Sound - Rigorous derivation of sound wave equations from a science molecular model science of an ideal diatomic gas. General science solution of the wave science equations. Point source radiating science in a moving medium.
  • Classical Mechanics on - Articles with practical advice and solutions for lots classical mechanics of classical mechanics topical problems.
  • Chaotic Systems - A brief overview of chaos theory and applications science in classical mechanics.
  • Primitive Potentials and Newton's Laws from Symmetry - Symmetry of function. Finding of primitive without integration-summation. Newton\\'s laws of any order. Mechanics of third order.
  • Block and Tackle - Colorful illustrated tutorial shows how a block and science tackle (as classical mechanics well as levers and gears) works.
  • The Eöt-Wash Group - Group at the Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics science and Astrophysics, University of Washington, undertaking laboratory tests science of gravitational and sub-gravitational physics.
  • Virtual Escalator - A physics safety educational tool.
  • Simulations with Java - Provides several interactive physics simulations such as springs and masses, physics pendulums, molecules. Objects, mass, gravity, spring stiffness can be modified.
  • Central Forces with Java - A JAVA applet to simulate orbits in four science different central classical mechanics forces: gravity, Yukawa, 1/R^4 and Black science Holes
  • How a Helium Balloon Works - Explanation of lifting capabilities of helium, hydrogen and science hot air balloons, from How Stuff Works.
  • Non Linear Mappings - Interactive visualisation of nonlinear mappings, a Java applet simulating the classical mechanics standard map and the Henon map.
  • Physics for Beginners - This site covers motion and forces for individuals classical mechanics with physics no prior knowledge of the subject.
  • Amusement Park Physics - How do physics laws affect amusement park ride design? Design science your own roller coaster and experiment with bumper car collisions.
  • Freshman Problems in Mechanics - Links to various problem sets relating to 1 classical mechanics and science 2 dimensional kinematics. Easy mechanics problems and classical mechanics solutions.
  • Soccer Ball Physics - Discusses shape of a soccer ball, spin effects and the motion of projectiles.
  • Gravity - Provides definitions of gravity.
  • Rigid Bodies - Separation of motion of centre of mass and science rotation about a fixed axis.
  • Mechanics: Statics and Kinematics - provides educative material including distance, displacement, velocity, classical mechanics acceleration, science linear motion, circular motion, momentum, Newton\\'s laws classical mechanics of motion, science simple harmonic motion, energy, work, power, classical mechanics gravitation, Kepler\'s science laws, satellites and fr
  • Oscillations - Gives a solution on a symmetric, linear, triatomic classical mechanics molecule problem.
  • An introduction to physics - Mechanics - An introduction to classical mechanics. Suitable for students classical mechanics who are beginning the subject.
  • Kepler's Laws - Article in the Platonic Realms. Gives a novice\\'s physics overview of physics Kepler's laws.
  • On a general Method of expressing the Paths of Light,and of the Planets, by the Coefficients of a Characteristic Function - An original paper by William Rowan Hamilton, dated classical mechanics 1833.
  • Derivation of basic gyroscope formula - Web page contains intuitive and clear, simple and classical mechanics intuitive derivation of Gyroscope Effect’s formula.
  • Physics Articles - Discussion of various forms of rotating motion in which the classical mechanics Coriolis effect plays a part, such as the Foucault pendulum classical mechanics and inertial oscillations. Illustrated with animations.
  • Gyroscope - Graphics, related links and a video combine to show you how gyroscopes work.
  • Classical Mechanics on Wikipedia - Free online encyclopedia with description of the theory classical mechanics and history of classical mechanics.
  • Physclips: Mechanics with Animations and Film Clips - Kinematics and dynamics are presented in multimedia, at both introductory classical mechanics and deeper levels. Individual video clips and animations are suitable classical mechanics for use by teachers, while students may use the whole classical mechanics package for self instruction or for reference.

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