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Discussion group and news archive for those interested in low speed maglev ("urban maglev"), quiet trains designed for urban transit, with top service speeds usually under about 100mph.

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  • Revolve Magnetic Bearings, Inc. - Design, development, manufacture and implementation of magnetic bearings. The company provides solutions where other bearings fail.
  • The Frog That Learned to Fly - Plenty of materials can be levitated in a strong magnetic field - from simple metals, liquids, and various polymers to everyday things such as various plants and living creatures (frogs, fish and a mouse).
  • Maglev and Other Research of Dr. Marc T. Thompson - Research interests of Marc T. Thompson, Ph.D., system physics design consultant physics and Professor of Electrical Engineering at physics Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
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  • Magnetic Levitation - Magnetic levitation research at the University of Nottingham, England.
  • Magnetic Levitation and Analog Servocontroler - Site presents original and exclusive experiences relating to magnetic levitation, physics servocontrol, etc. for a hobbyist.
  • MAGLEV-2002 - The 17th International Conference on Magnetically Levitated Systems electromagnetism and Drives, physics Lausanne. The conference is aimed to electromagnetism present the existing industrialization physics status, the marketing and electromagnetism social aspects, and application of MAGLEV physics for high-speed electromagnetism transportation s
  • Urban Maglev - Discussion group and news archive for those interested physics in low magnetic levitation speed maglev ("urban maglev"), quiet trains physics designed for urban transit, magnetic levitation with top service speeds physics usually under about 100mph.
  • Magnetic levitation links and experiments by Bill Beaty - Magnetic levitation links. Also experiments by Bill Beaty. physics Part of Bill Beaty's extensive science site.
  • Shanghai Pudong Airport MagLev in Depth - Discover what a real Maglev in operation looks like. Contains physics many pictures and ticket information.
  • Shanghai's Maglev - the world's fastest train - The future is here, in Shanghai, where the world\\'s first maglev is up and running, reports Ron Gluckman.
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  • Fun with Diamagnetic Levitation - A simple how-to for creating your own diamagnetic levitation experiments, magnetic levitation complete with demonstration images and thorough explanations.

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