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3D Electromagnetism software for colleges and high schools for visualization of equipotential surfaces and field lines of many kinds of charges in addition with topographic and colored views

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  • Magnetica - Easy to use magnetostatics calculation software. Useful for calculating magnetic fields, forces, and potentials.
  • BiotSavart - Commercial magnetic field calculator for the design of 3D coil physics systems. Includes inductance and force calculations. Mac OS X and physics Windows XP versions available.
  • FLO/EMC - Commercial electromagnetic analysis simulation software and consultancy services physics for EMC software compliance, by Flomerics, UK.
  • Infolytica Corporation - Infolytica offers state-of-the-art 2D/3D commercial electromagnetic simulation software electromagnetism for magnetic, electric, and thermal analyses.
  • FEMLAB: Electromagnetics Module - FEMLAB Electromagnetics handles a large class of electromagnetic electromagnetism applications whether electromagnetism dealing with electromagnetic waves or electromagnetic electromagnetism machines.
  • Field Expert - Create 2D systems of point charges and view equipotentials and lines of force with FieldExpert for Windows.
  • FEKO - Commercial electromagnetic simulation software. FEKO is a full wave, method software of moments based code for the analysis of electromagnetic problems software such as: EMC, shielding, coupling, antenna design, antenna placement software analysis, microstrip antennas, circuits, s
  • CST Software - CST develops and markets software for the design and optimization of microwave and RF devices. Applications include antennas, filters, connectors, SI, mobile communications and EMC.
  • Field Precision/Finite-element software for electromagnetics - Field precision creates affordable, easy-to-use simulation software for physics Windows. Applications include electrostatics, permanent magnets, charged-particle devices, physics microwave equipment, shock hydrodynamics, and biomedical engineering.
  • Finite Element Method Magnetics - A program for solving 2D/axisymmetric problems in low frequency magnetics.
  • HFSS - Ansoft\\'s commercial state-of-the-art electronic design automation software used in circuit software and system design for high frequency, signal integrity, circuit simulation, software system simulation, and electromechanical.
  • EMP3 - A free code suite for finite-element time-domain electromagnetics physics on a software rectangular mesh. EMP3 handles millions of physics elements on standard PCs. software It includes an automatic physics mesh generator and interactive, graphical post-processor.
  • Vector Fields - Commercial software for electromagnetic and microwave design.
  • GEMACS Electromagnetic - General Electromagnetic Model for the Analysis of Complex software Systems - for modeling antennas, structures, coupling, and software scattering.
  • Magnetic Field Visualization Software - A commercial computer program for fast modelling and software visualization of electromagnetism magnetic fields. It was written using software Borland Delphi and Pascal.
  • Visualis Physics Electromagnetism - Commercial interactive educational software for physics, offering 3D views of electromagnetism main electromagnetic phenomena. Clear, quick and intuitive visualisation of electromagnetism. electromagnetism Developed by Editons Pixit Communication, Switzerland.
  • EMCoS Consulting and Software - A producer of software for automotive electromagnetic compatibility software (EMC) computations, electromagnetic interference (EMI), cable harness CAD/CAE software and antenna design.
  • LaOnda - Free EM simulation and design software by Andreas physics Hakansson.
  • 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software - EM Explorer (EMXP) is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) solver for planewave scattering problems of periodic structures.
  • Equipotential Surfaces and field Lines - 3D Electromagnetism software for colleges and high schools for visualization of equipotential surfaces and field lines of many kinds of charges in addition with topographic and colored views
  • Advanced EM - Advanced EM acts as the direct sales and support arm physics of EM CAD manufacturing firms from all over the world. physics It makes high quality, low price electromagnetic, microwave and EMC physics simulation software accessible to users.
  • Fast Field Solvers - Find software tools, aids, information and utilities related to the electro magnetic characterization of complex 3D structures.
  • Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC) - A code for an RF antenna design: unofficial archives including executables, source and documentation.
  • Sonnet Software - Company provides commercial EDA software solutions for high-frequency physics electromagnetic analysis.

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