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University of California Santa Barbara. List of publications and research summaries on fabrication of photonic crystals, spontaneous emission of atoms and quantum optics. PhD thesis on-line.

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  • Daniel, M. - Offers research interests and results in the fields of nonlinear physics optics and magneto-optics.
  • Blanche, Pierre-Alexander - Assistant research scientist at the College of Optical optics Sciences, University of Arizona. Research interests, publications and optics resume.
  • Hammer, Martin - Scientific consulting in biomedical optics and optical instrumentation from development physics to clinical application. Based in Jena, Germany.
  • Travish, Gil - Offers CV, publications, recent projects and other personal optics information.
  • Söennichsen, Carsten - Describes research in nano-optics: plasmons in metal particles, optics microscopy, optics single particle spectroscopy. With links optics to CV and other optics resources.
  • Vinegoni, Claudio - Research in fiber optics. Publications, bibliography and photos.
  • Kalita, Mridu P. - Fiber optics research, personal information, useful links and resources.
  • Goldberg, Ken - Optical physicist, a Staff Physicist at Lawrence Berkeley personal pages National Laboratory's Center for X-Ray Optics.
  • Mueller-Welt, Adolf - A history of the first fluidless contact lens in 1927.
  • Voss, Tobias - Leads the ZnO nanowire research group at University personal pages of optics Bremen, Germany.
  • Xiao, Min - Studying nonlinear and quantum optics of atomic media personal pages and nanostructures at the University of Arknansas.
  • NEC Air Cooled Laser System - Contains pictures with descriptions of a laser built personal pages in personal pages an old 386 computer case.
  • Duarte, F. J. - Books, papers, conferences, citations on tunable lasers.
  • Muskens, Otto L. - List of publications and research interests in plasmonics, optics nanophotonics and nanoacoustics. PhD thesis on-line.
  • Patela, Sergiusz - Information about optoelectronics and fiber optics: links, FAQs physics plus research optics interests.
  • Salvatore, Randy - Semiconductor laser research, personal information, links.
  • Dr. Nibu George - Research in lasers, fiber optics and photonics.
  • Biswas, Debasish - Short academic work description and links.
  • Crespo, Helder - Contact information and description of teaching and research personal pages activity, personal pages with corresponding links. Also, useful links to personal pages general sites.
  • Tay, Savas - Ph.D Student, Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona. personal pages Optoelectronics, optics ultrafast spectroscopy, IR sensitive Photorefractive Polymers
  • de Dood, Michiel - University of California Santa Barbara. List of personal pages publications and research summaries on fabrication of photonic personal pages crystals, spontaneous emission of atoms and quantum optics. personal pages PhD thesis on-line.
  • Chuiko, Gennady P. - CV, interests, list of publications.
  • Dagher, Joseph C. - Ph.D. candidate of the Optical Sciences Center at optics the University of Arizona.
  • Wyant, James C. - Contains course notes and published papers in the physics field of physics interferometry, holography, and optical testing. physics Optical concepts are illustrated physics by the use of physics webMathematica.
  • Uliu, Florea S. - Professor of Physics at the University of Craiova.
  • Dr. Alan G. Ryder - Investigator, National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science in physics Ireland.
  • Carter, William H. - Reprints and manuscripts of optics papers.
  • Leuthold, Juerg - Bell Labs scientist, involved with research on latest personal pages high-speed telecommunication devices and systems.

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