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A second year course on special relativity and quantum mechanics. All of the lecture notes can be downloaded, or viewed online.

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  • Physics Gems: Physics for the next millennium - Course notes from a novel kind of quantum quantum mechanics physics course, designed for freshmen in college. Focuses quantum mechanics on teaching of quantum optics from first principles.
  • Theoretical Physics 2 - Includes past examination papers, handouts and course synopsis quantum mechanics for this course.
  • Quantum Theory - A set of online lecture notes intended as physics an introduction courses to quantum mechanics and modern atomic physics physics.
  • Modern Physics Course - A second year course on special relativity and quantum mechanics. courses All of the lecture notes can be downloaded, or viewed courses online.
  • Advanced Methods in Mathematical Physics - Online note covering the theory of quantum information courses and quantum physics computation.
  • Lecture notes in Quantum Mechanics - Covers standard textbook topics as well as additional physics advanced topics such as EPR and Bell, measurement physics theory, quantum computation, the adiabatic picture, linear response physics (Kubo) theory, mesoscopic oriented approach to scattering theory.
  • The Solution of Dirac's Equation in Kerr Geometry - A set of online notes by Peggy Varnière quantum mechanics on courses Dirac\'s equations and their solution in Kerr quantum mechanics Geometry.
  • An Introduction to Feynman Path Integrals - A short introduction by Christian Grosche to the use of courses Feynman path integrals in quantum mechanics.
  • Three Lectures by Hans Bethe - In 1999, theoretical physicist Hans Bethe physics physics physics delivered three physics lectures on quantum theory physics to his physics physics neighbors at the Kendal physics physics of Ithaca retirement community physics physics (near Cornell physics University). Given by physics Professor Bethe at age physics physics physics 93, the
  • Quantum Mechanics II - This is the second part of a Quantum Mechanics class for graduate students. All instructional materials for this class will be distributed electronically over the Internet.
  • Quantum Mechanics - This is the first part of a Quantum physics Mechanics class physics for graduate students. All instructional materials physics for this class physics will be distributed electronically physics over the Internet.

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