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Offering document examination and expert testimony for criminal or civil cases involving handwriting identification, altered documents, collection of standards, and braille.

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  • Miller, J.D., PhD. - Research consultant and expert witness that will find document examination hard document examination to locate information, evaluate scientific research, analyze document examination statistical data document examination and perform social science researches in document examination Cleveland, OH.
  • Riley, Welch & Associates - Forensic laboratory specializing in the scientific examination of questioned documents. forensic science Based in Lansing, Michigan.
  • Forgery Finder - Offering document examination and expert testimony for criminal science in society or civil cases involving handwriting identification, altered documents, science in society collection of standards, and braille.
  • - Overview of handwriting comparison, FAQ and links to related cases, forensic science and resume of diplomate of the American Board of Forensic forensic science Document Examiners.
  • Document Evidence - Forensic document examination: handwriting, signatures, ESDA, counterfeit and forensic science photocopied documents, alterations and obliterations, typescript and word forensic science processed document examinations, paper and ink comparisons with forensic science offices in Birminham and London, UK.
  • Jalbert and Associates - Document examiner for identification or personnel placement problems needing handwriting document examination analysis. Qualifications, client list, FAQ, stories and links consulting internationally document examination from Rome, NY.
  • Forensic Document Examination Services Inc. - FDES offers document dating, handwriting, signature comparisons and analyses aimed document examination at disclosing the fraudulent or genuine nature of contested documents. document examination Further details and contact in Ottawa, ON, Canada.
  • Emily J. Will - Basic information about questioned document examination and its relevance to science in society legal controversies, including irregularities in checks, wills, contracts, insurance policies, science in society deeds, and other documents.
  • Forensic Documents Services International, Inc. - Provides examination of documents involving a variety of forensic applications forensic science such as visual, microscopic, and photographic analysis.
  • Grafex - Academy of graphology founded in 1995 for forensic science in society document examination handwriting identification in Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Expert Document - Directory of court qualified questioned document examiners.
  • BPI Laboratories Inc. - Specializes in signature comparison, threatening letters, harassment notes, science in society and check forgery.
  • Shiver & Nelson Document Investigation Laboratory, Inc. - Document investigation laboratory specializing in handwriting identification, signature science in society verification, forgery detection, alterations, typewriter examination and other science in society questioned document problems. Expert testimony. Atlanta, Georgia area.
  • MS MacroSystem Nederland - Hardware and software for questioned document analysis, with forensic science 3D software. With examples and specifications.
  • MaryAnn Czermak, PhD. - Offering services and expert testimony relating to questioned documents, and forensic science the identification of physical evidence on a document.
  • Questioned Document Investigations, Ltd - Investigations for frauds and forgeries in all kinds of criminal, civil, and private disputes.
  • Brayer Handwriting International - Forgery detection, signature verification, court testimony for criminal and civil science in society cases, educational programs and keynotes. Based in New York.
  • Linda L Mitchell, Forensic Document Examiner - Linda Mitchell is a Forensic Document Examiner specializing science in society in forgery detection and altered document authentication.

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