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Providing a forum and resources about Socratic questioning, higher order thinking, and critical thinking. Organizer of conferences and publisher of books and academic resources for teachers.

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  • Real-World Reasoning - A course given by Peter Suber for high-school science in society skeptical inquiry students as an introduction to college.
  • Digital Bits Skeptic - Skepticism and critical thinking articles.
  • Ukrainian Virtual Center of Critical Thinking - Aims to stimulate critical thinking not only in science and science in society education but in everyday life. Provides information on educational materials science in society and a textbook.
  • Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society (SAPS) - A group devoted to debunking, re-creating, and explaining science in society skeptical inquiry popular claims of paranormal activity.
  • Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking (AILACT) - A non-profit scholarly association which aims to promote critical thinking research skeptical inquiry into, teaching of, and testing of informal critical thinking logic and skeptical inquiry critical thinking.
  • National Center for Teaching Thinking - A service organization for educators dedicated to providing programs for K - 12 schools and colleges on teaching and assessing skillful thinking,.
  • - Presents methods for deep, focused, individual thinking along skeptical inquiry with examples from real life.
  • Propaganda and How to Recognize It - Essay on propaganda techniques.[PDF]
  • Open Courseware on Critical Thinking - Over one hundred tutorials on critical thinking, logic, skeptical inquiry scientific critical thinking reasoning, creativity, and other aspects of thinking skeptical inquiry skills.
  • Responsible Thinking - Online book by Bob Korn promoting critical thinking. science in society critical thinking Outline, contact information.
  • So You Want to Avoid Common Logical Errors? - Gives logical errors a name and points out critical thinking the most common logical errors and how to critical thinking avoid them.
  • A Field Guide to Critical Thinking (Skeptical Inquirer Winter 1990) - Six rules of evidential reasoning, a distillation and simplification of the scientific method. Ignoring the vowels, the letters in the word "FiLCHeRS" stand for the rules of Falsifiability, Logic, Comprehensiveness, Honesty, Replicability, and
  • Critical Thinking Study Topics - Student study guide on psychological manipulation, cult groups, science in society sects, and new religious movements.
  • Thinking is Critical - Provider of educational programs that promote critical thinking for students critical thinking and corporations.
  • The Critical Thinking Community - Providing a forum and resources about Socratic questioning, skeptical inquiry higher science in society order thinking, and critical thinking. Organizer skeptical inquiry of conferences science in society and publisher of books and skeptical inquiry academic resources for science in society teachers.
  • Thinking Straight: Internet Resources - Categorized directory of web-based resources on critical thinking.
  • - Collection of book reviews and essays, mostly on science in society science in society popular science, with an emphasis on science as science in society science in society a guide to truth. Also includes a science in society science in society discussion forum.
  • Skeptopix - A collection of links to audio and video critical thinking files, skeptical inquiry all on skeptical topics. Lectures, interviews, discussions.
  • The Business of Thinking - On applied thinking, the pitfalls and roadblocks to skeptical inquiry good thinking, and effective techniques.
  • Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking - Addressing strange phenomena with the mindset, "What are critical thinking the science in society facts and what can we deduce from critical thinking them?"
  • Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena - Provides a weekly podcast dedicated to furthering knowledge critical thinking by science in society eliminating the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular critical thinking culture.
  • Resources for Independent Thinking - Many essays and articles covering topics related to science in society thinking for one's self.
  • The Church of Critical Thinking - Dedicated to spreading the word about cynical reasoning skeptical inquiry in skeptical inquiry established religion, politics, the paranormal beliefs, as skeptical inquiry well as skeptical inquiry anything else that people tend to skeptical inquiry accept blindly. skeptical inquiry "Your Suspicion is Our Mission".
  • Critical Thinking across the Curriculum Project - Definitions, examples and argument analysis, from Longview Community science in society College.
  • Mission: Critical - Tutorial for critical thinking.
  • An Experiment in Group Learning Technology - The results of a study designed to measure critical critical thinking thinking in face-to-face and computer-supported seminars.

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