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The Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Paranormal, promoting a scientific and critical enquiry of supposed paranormal and mysterious phenomena.

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International Network of Skeptical Organizations* - Contact information for local and regional groups.

  • Penn State University Skeptics Club - Examining paranormal oddities from a realistic perspective.
  • UK-Skeptics - Set up to provide a balance to the skeptical inquiry uncritical promotion and acceptance of extraordinary and controversial skeptical inquiry claims in the UK today. skeptical inquiry Its purpose is also to demonstrate what skepticism skeptical inquiry really is and to dispel common skeptical inquiry misconceptions.
  • The New England Skeptical Society - U.S. regional organization dedicated to the promotion of science in society organizations science and reason, particularly the investigation of paranormal science in society organizations and pseudoscientific claims.
  • South Shore Skeptics - Skeptical organization in Cleveland, Ohio, that promotes reason and rationality and opposes superstition and junk science. Newsletter, calendar, skeptic related links, and an area devoted to logical fallacies.
  • Skepsis: Articles in English - A Norwegian skeptical organisation presents articles holding various claims and organizations beliefs up to critical examination.
  • Young Australian Skeptics - A sanctuary for young freethinkers. Provides a blog science in society science in society and articles, a forum, media and educational assets.
  • North Texas Skeptics - An organization devoted to promoting the use of science and science in society rational thinking in viewing the world. Features events, newsletter, cartoons, science in society and articles.
  • Australian Skeptics - Group that investigates the paranormal and pseudo-science from a responsible organizations scientific viewpoint.
  • IUPUI Freethinkers - Promoting reason, science and free inquiry across IUPU Indianapolis. Includes science in society contact information and links.
  • National Capital Area Skeptics - Washington DC area skeptic organization with on-line library.
  • Tampa Bay Skeptics - A nonprofit scientific and educational organization that critically science in society organizations examines paranormal and fringe-science claims and publishes a science in society organizations quarterly newsletter.
  • Drinking Skeptically - Regional, informal social events designed to promote fellowship and networking skeptical inquiry among skeptics, critical-thinkers, and like-minded individuals.
  • Skeptics Canada - Based in Toronto, Ontario. Includes newsletters, articles, and skeptical inquiry event skeptical inquiry information.
  • British Columbia Society for Skeptical Enquiry - For people curious about paranormal and fringe scientific claims. Includes skeptical inquiry organization information and a newsletter.
  • Blather - Skeptical discussions of unexplained phenomena and human belief.
  • Campus Freethought Alliance at the University of Central Florida - Organisation dedicated to freethought, skepticism, and scientific inquiry. skeptical inquiry Information about meetings and links to online resources.
  • Bay Area Skeptics - San Francisco Bay Area skeptical organization which aims science in society organizations to encourage rational thought and critical thinking through science in society organizations the use of scientific methods. Provides a blog, science in society organizations newsletter and information on membership.
  • CICAP - The Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims science in society on the Paranormal, promoting a scientific and critical science in society enquiry of supposed paranormal and mysterious phenomena.
  • Rocky Mountain Skeptics - Nonprofit educational and investigative organization, founded to promote organizations critical thinking.
  • New Mexicans for Science and Reason - Non-profit group promoting science, the scientific method, rational thinking, and the critical examination of extraordinary claims. Includes articles and information about their activities.
  • Gary P. Posner, M.D. - Founder of the Tampa Bay Skeptics.
  • Ottawa Skeptics - Aims to promote the use of the scientific method, critical thinking and rational thought in the Ontario community. Provides news, articles and information on membership and events.
  • Society for Sensible Explanations - An organization that promotes science, critical thinking and organizations sensible explanations for alleged paranormal events. It organizations meets in Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • New Zealand Skeptics - Dedicated to increasing public awareness of the dangers and inanities science in society of pseudoscience and bogus paranormal claims.

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