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Professor of Linguistic Anthropology at the University of Missouri, Columbia whose intellectual concerns are language, culture, and thought, and the relationships among them.

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  • Sapir, Edward - A leading figure in twentieth-century linguistics and anthropology who specialized in Canadian native populations.
  • Bennardo, Giovanni - Works in the Kingdom of Tonga with an linguistic anthropologists area anthropology of specialization is linguistic and cognitive anthropology. linguistic anthropologists Northern Illinois anthropology University.
  • Edwards, Jay D. - Professor at Louisiana State University who researches folklore and vernacular linguistic anthropologists architecture in the Caribbean, and Louisiana.
  • Brown, Cecil H.- - Research and teaching interests in linguistic anthropology, including anthropologists ethnobiology, language and culture, and historical-comparative linguistics. Fieldwork anthropologists among the Huastec and Zapotec speakers of Mexico. anthropologists Northern Illinois University.
  • Gross, Joan - Research interests are focused on the intersection between language anthropologists and culture, verbal art traditions, and minority languages. Oregon State anthropologists University.
  • Maxwell, Judith M. - Curriculum vitae and course information for this Tulane University Associate linguistic anthropologists Professor of Anthropology. Research interests include discourse and Maya languages linguistic anthropologists and linguistics.
  • Fenigsen, Janina - Research interests are political economy of language, linguistic ideologies, gender and emotion, politics of representation, postcolonial selves, creole languages, plantation societies, Caribbean art, and belief systems. University of South Carolina.
  • Furbee, Louanna - Professor of Linguistic Anthropology at the University of anthropology Missouri, Columbia anthropologists whose intellectual concerns are language, culture, anthropology and thought, and the anthropologists relationships among them.

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