Cultural Anthropology

"Cultural studies draws from the fields of anthropology, sociology, gender studies, feminism, literary criticism, history and psychoanalysis in order to discuss contemporary texts and cultural practices."

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  • Silence, AIDS and Sexual Culture in Africa - An article describing social factors in the AIDS anthropology epidemic in anthropology Africa.
  • Critical Theory and Cultural Studies - "Cultural studies draws from the fields of anthropology, social sciences sociology, gender studies, feminism, literary criticism, history and social sciences psychoanalysis in order to discuss contemporary texts and social sciences cultural practices."
  • Anthropology Page - Book reviews and short essays.
  • Raising Trust - An article that describes how some forager groups may nurture anthropology a sharing sense in their offspring.
  • The Aesthetic Realism of Eli Siegel - Essays in cultural anthropology on the philosophy of Aesthetic Realism.
  • Birth of Symbolic Thought - Article by Licia Filingeri discussing the emergence of the ability anthropology to symbolize.
  • Slovenian Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology - A portal dedicated to preserving national traditions and promoting research. social sciences Offers photos, articles, and fieldwork reports, as well as a social sciences calendar of local events.
  • Jon's Anthropology Blog - Collection of articles for students, including lecture materials anthropology for cognitive anthropology
  • Circumpolar Ethnographic Field School - Features information and contact details for the project anthropology hosted by the University of Northern British Columbia. anthropology Summer 2003.
  • Human Universals - Donald Brown discusses those features of culture for which there anthropology are no known exceptions to their existence in all ethnographically anthropology or historically recorded human societies.
  • Anthropology Resource Base - Resources for indigenous cultures around the world provided by NativeWeb.
  • Anthropological Theories - A guide to anthropological theories and approaches prepared anthropology by graduate anthropology students of the University of Alabama anthropology under the direction of anthropology Dr. Michael D. Murphy.
  • Culture by Commotion Trilogy - Online version of the series of books that include: Plenitude, Transformation, Commotion. The series offers an anthropological account of modern life by Grant McCracken.
  • Sound and Society - Paul Roquet\\'s project comparing the acoustic ecology of anthropology living places social sciences in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Tonga, anthropology New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, social sciences Nepal, and Bhutan. Features anthropology research proposal, bibliography and guestbook.
  • Theory in Anthropology - Descriptions of various subdisciplines of sociocultural anthropology, reviews anthropology of trends anthropology in anthropological publications, and biographies of anthropology some influential anthropologists.
  • Symbolic Power Struggles in Inter-cultural Space - A lecture given by Thomas Hylland Eriksen at the symposium anthropology "Culture in the Global Village", Lund, Sweden, 14-16 January, 1993.
  • Hip Hop Barbers - Research into the influence of popular culture on cultural anthropology the decoration of barber shops in Arusha, Tanzania cultural anthropology by Brad Weiss, of the College of William cultural anthropology and Mary. Features photos with brief captions.
  • Kinship Glossary: Symbols, Term, and Concepts - Definitions of basic terminology and list of common anthropology abbreviations.
  • Symbolic Anthropology - A site that explores the relationship between symbols social sciences and cultural anthropology a society\\'s cognitive structure, rules of moral social sciences conduct and cultural anthropology patterns of social interactions.
  • Opus corpus: Anthropology of the Corporal Appearances - Features articles by St´┐Żephane Malysse on understanding cultural anthropology the anthropology social and cultural logics made visible by cultural anthropology the human anthropology body. Requires Flash. In English, French cultural anthropology and Portuguese.
  • Brand You - An article that describes using anthropological data for advertising commercial products.
  • AnthroCommons - Virtual conference facility for the American Anthropological Association. cultural anthropology Offers social sciences meeting abstracts, and conference papers.
  • Growing up Sexually - Encyclopedia features cross-cultural information on sexual behavior development. cultural anthropology Offers researchers the opportunity to participate in the cultural anthropology project and bibliography.
  • The Third Culture - A directory of links and resources for understanding social sciences cultural social sciences ecology.
  • Kinship and Social Organization - Hypertext tutorial covering descent, kinship terminology, marriage systems, social sciences and residence rules. Includes ethnographic examples.
  • Social and Cultural Evolution - A directory of links to research papers that cultural anthropology discuss general theoretical approaches and models of culture cultural anthropology change.
  • Cultures Observations Database - Open content project collecting observations made by travelers social sciences on behavior in other cultures. Features project description, social sciences technical details, and contacts.
  • Cross-Culture Theory Test - Features software and data for comparative ethnographic analysis.
  • Anthropology, Gender and Masculinity - Bilingual site featuring articles, images, news, and links related to cultural anthropology the anthropological study of masculinity and gender.
  • What is Culture? - A tutorial on the nature of culture and the history social sciences of the culture concept.
  • Center for Cross-Cultural Research - Dedicated to fostering and disseminating comparative research. Features news, staff cultural anthropology profiles, events and contacts at the Australian National University.
  • Womanist Epistemology and a New Anthropological Paradigm - African American women\\'s experiences of oppression and marginalization anthropology have led anthropology them to espouse a religious framework anthropology that would give them anthropology the regard society has anthropology deprived them.
  • A Journey Through The Culture of Capitalism - Explores capitalism as a cultural phenomenon rather than an economic cultural anthropology philosophy.
  • Implosion - Research in architecture on the phenomenology of space of O. F. Bollnow. [in English, French and German].
  • Cross-cultural Psychology - A subfield of psychological anthropology concerned with observing cultural anthropology human behavior in contrasting cultures.
  • Rites of Passage across Cultures - An annotated directory of links and course outline examining the anthropological and psychological elements involved in initiation ceremonies.
  • Game Killing and Killing Games - Heidi Dahles discusses the anthropology of power relations cultural anthropology in anthropology modern hunting in western society.
  • World Food Habits Bibliography - Bibliographies sorted by region and topic prepared by cultural anthropology Robert Dirks.
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology - An annotated guide to Internet resources from the University of Delaware.
  • Introduction: Everyday Life - An article that discusses how anthropology brings to anthropology light many similarities between ancient and modern cultures, anthropology particularly in customs surrounding food.
  • Cultural Islands - An essay by Thomas Hylland Eriksen that critically examines the anthropology metaphors which have underlied anthropological theory and research.
  • Culture and Developmental Subjectivities - An article that describes how anthropologists and historians cultural anthropology have cultural anthropology attempted to understand and explore the cultural cultural anthropology and textual cultural anthropology sources of sexual analysis from a cultural anthropology holistic perspective.

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