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Ongoing effort at the University of Michigan to study and explore the conditions associated with the outbreak of war, as well as with the conditions surrounding militarized disputes. Site features a variety of data sets as well as history, bibliography,

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  • Militarized Interstate Disputes - This data set is version 1.1 of Katherine political science Barbieri\\'s national and dyadic trade data, which covers political science the period 1870-1992.
  • Political Handbook of the World Home Page - Political Handbook of the World is an annual reference book containing separate sections on every country in the world and more than 100 intergovernmental organizations, such as NATO, OPEC, and UN affiliates. Each editi
  • Qualitative Data Archival Resource Centre - The Data Archive was set up in 1967 data resources data resources data resources in order to retain the most significant machine-readable data resources data data resources data resources from the research which it funds. Thus data resources crucial data can be data resources data resources re-analysed by other researchers, data resources and the money sp
  • EUGene Program - EUGene serves as a data management tool for creating data sets for use in the quantitative analysis of international relations; with the country-year, directed-dyad-year, and directed-dispute-dyad-year as the unit of analysis.
  • Online Intelligence Project - Extensive collection of information and internet links regarding social sciences intelligence affairs around the world.
  • American Association of Public Opinion Resources - Provides guides, standards, definitions, recommended and condemned practices political science for data resources public policy survey data collection.
  • Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research - Provides access to a collection of downloadable data. political science While social sciences some data is only available to individuals political science from member social sciences institutions, a collection of criminal justice political science data, election data, social sciences and data from the General political science Social Surveys is available social sciences to the public from
  • Lijphart Election Archive - A research collection of district level election results and statistics for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries. Catalog and some online datasets, plus project history, reviews, publications, and links. Housed at the Universit
  • Correlates of War (COW) Project - Ongoing effort at the University of Michigan to political science study political science and explore the conditions associated with political science the outbreak political science of war, as well as with political science the conditions surrounding political science militarized disputes. Site features a political science variety of data sets political science as well as history, political science bibliography,
  • GESIS - GESIS is an infrastructural association which supplies fundamental social sciences social data resources science services on a national and social sciences international level, data resources both in terms of theory and social sciences practice. GESIS consists data resources of the institutes IZ, social sciences ZA, ZUMA, and keeps data resources a branch office in social sciences Berlin. I
  • UNHCR: Statistics - Description the status of refugee populations, government policies social sciences on social sciences refugees, and current UNHCR activities in different social sciences countries and social sciences continents. Includes yearbook with PDF extracts, social sciences reports and charts social sciences on asylum trends, and special social sciences reports.
  • Penn World Tables 5.6 - Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS), data resources University social sciences of Toronto. Economic Resources.
  • Jane's IntelWeb - Jane\\'s IntelWeb helps you monitor developments in terrorist and intelligence data resources activity worldwide.
  • International Relations Data Page - Site lists international and domestic resources for data social sciences sets. data resources Data subjects range from confliict and social sciences cooperation to data resources environmental topics.
  • European Decision Makers Survey - The Eurobarometer has been engaged in the field of public data resources opinion measurement for over data resources twenty years, surveying both the general public and special target data resources groups as needed by data resources the different services of the Commission.

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