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Division of the British Psychological Society. Includes aims and objectives, details of forthcoming conferences and training opportunities, and information on how to join the division.

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See Also:
  • NASPSPA - North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • PeakSports Psychology - Online mental training system for athlete and coaches social sciences to health and sports develop mental game toughness for individual and social sciences team success.
  • The Sports Coach - Brian MacKenzie, Senior UK Athletic Coach, provides coaching psychology and training social sciences information to improve athletic performance.
  • Sports Mind Skills - Sports psychology and mental training resources for athletes, psychology coaches and anyone interested in higher achievement.
  • Mental Equipment - Articles by Dr. John Murray, Ph.D. about mental equipment to social sciences improve your tennis.
  • Stay in the Zone Golf and Tennis Sport Psychology - Teaching people how to get in the zone psychology and stay social sciences in the zone.
  • Sport Psychology Consulting - Performance enhancement, sport injury rehabilitation, and assistance with the stress.
  • Sport Psychology OverSite - A comprehensive list of links to sites that social sciences focus social sciences on mental training and performance enhancement.
  • Athletic Insight Home - The online journal of sports psychology. Provides a forum for sports psychology topics.
  • Sport Psychology - with Karlene Sugarman,M.A. Practical skills to help everyone improve their health and sports performance in sports.
  • Dr. John F. Murray - Licensed clinical and sport performance psychologist, based in Palm Beach, psychology Florida, USA.
  • - Helping you achieve peak performance. Dedicated to the social sciences education and practice of sport psychology.
  • Peak Performance Plus LLC - Helps individuals become successful in attaining their goals using a social sciences variety of techniques drawn from hypnotherapy, sports hypnosis, sport psychology, social sciences behavior modification, cognitive and positive psychology.
  • Peak Performance Sports - Mental training for athletes, coaches, and teams.
  • American Psychosomatic Society - Promotes scientific understanding of the interrelationships among biological and psychological social sciences factors in human health and disease. Details of conferences, newsletter, social sciences job announcements, and press releases.
  • Mynd Matters - Anne Muscat is a Vancouver, Canada sport psychology social sciences consultant, social sciences specializing in mental skills training for athletes, social sciences coaches and social sciences parents. Sessions are provided via workshops, social sciences meetings, online and social sciences phone.
  • American Board of Sport Psychology - Certification programs in Sport Psychology for Psychologists, Master\\'s level practitioners and coaches. Features the Journal of the American Board of Sport Psychology and advocacy regarding the ethical practice of Sport Psychology.
  • Division of Health Psychology - Division of the British Psychological Society. Includes aims health and sports psychology and objectives, details of forthcoming conferences and training health and sports psychology opportunities, and information on how to join the health and sports psychology division.
  • In The Zone: Making Winning Moments Your Way of Life - In The Zone Training by Clinical and Sport social sciences Psychologist, psychology Dr. Ray Mulry, featuring the four essential social sciences skills of psychology winning athletes and effective leaders

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