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Research paper by Rudolf Suesske takes a historical psychological perspective in analyzing Kohut's meaning of the word Self. (English and German)

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  • A Self Psychology Perspective - Article offers a Kohutian self psychological perspective on the "coming out crisis" encountered by gay or lesbian youth.
  • Self Psychology Page - Information and discussion forums related to the psychoanalytic Self Psychology of Heinz Kohut, intersubjective systems theory, and other contemporary developments.
  • Transactional Analysis Page at Working Minds Philosophy - A collection of links and recommendations of books on the subject.
  • What Does Heinz Kohut Mean by the Self - Research paper by Rudolf Suesske takes a historical psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychology psychological perspective in analyzing Kohut\\'s meaning of the psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychology word Self. (English and German)

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