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Large selection of holiday, animal, and professional costumes for use in events and filmed productions. Rentals in stock, products for sale, map and directions, and links.

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  • Dragonfly Design Studio - Features costumes, masks, historical costume sewing patterns, wigs, shopping and make-up.
  • Magic Makers Costumes - Costume rentals and retail merchandise. Complete on-line catalog.
  • Dixon Costumes - Costume company that sells and rents costumes and all related items, including masks, wigs and make-up.
  • Limebarb - Offering custom-made or stock costumes, with examples of commission work, shopping collection galleries, and ordering details.
  • Scavenge, Inc. - Offers costumes and accessories, such as wigs, sexy clothing lingerie and costumes shoes.
  • Des Moines Theatrical Shop - Includes halloween and holiday themed costumes, dancewear, cheerleading clothing and drill costumes team uniforms, stage lighting, and supplies.
  • Boston Costume Company - Large selection of holiday, animal, and professional costumes shopping for use in events and filmed productions. shopping Rentals in stock, products for sale, map and shopping directions, and links.
  • Costume Gallery - Costume manufacturer for dancers, skaters, gymnasts, and drill shopping team members selling only to dance and gymnastic shopping school owners and certain public and private nonprofit shopping organizations.
  • Fantasy Costumes - Costumes, wigs and accessories in adult sizes.
  • Costume Hub - Offers retail and online sales of a large selection of costumes and accessories.
  • Costumes Etc. - Offers a variety of choices for adults and costumes children, as clothing well as masks, wigs, makeup and costumes other accessories.
  • The Kostume Room - Offers costumes and accessories for all occasions.
  • Sandi's Costumes - A selection of adult women's costumes.
  • Star Design Costumes - Halloween, Renaissance, and party type costumes.
  • Scary Faces - Halloween costumes, masks, props and accessories.
  • Pookey Snoo - Poodle Skirts for kids and adults.
  • Danny's Trix Kix - Costumes, masks, hats, wigs, make-up and accessories for shopping infants to clothing plus size adults.
  • All Dressed Up - Costumes, make-up, prosthetics and theatrical supplies.
  • Akron Design and Costume Co. - Costume rentals and sales. Also can view shopping costumes at Akron, Ohio (USA) store.
  • Alexanders Costumes - Costumes, masks, props, make-up, wigs and hats for all occasions. Most are in adult sizes. There are a few children\'s costumes as well.
  • Lynch's - Offers clown supplies and theatrical costumes. Includes makeup, shopping wigs, props, supplies, and trims.
  • Murielle Roy and Co - Specializes in fabric and trim for performers. Samples, size, and color charts.
  • Spot Lite Magic - Offers costumes, accessories, magic, and jokes. Sizes range from shopping Toddler to Adult.
  • Costume - Costumes for all occasions such as Halloween, Renaissance, costumes period, theater shopping and accessories.
  • Joyful Costumes - Made-to-order costumes for individuals and theater productions; mime, costumes dance, Medieval and Renaissance, plus a focus on costumes the Biblical period.
  • The Enchanted Needle - Handmade historical custom gowns for weddings, SCA events, and Faires; also has fairy, angel, and movie costumes. All clothing fabricated by a theatrical costume designer and artist; ordering information and design pictures.
  • The Costumer - Seasonal, theatrical, masquerade, and character, mascot costumes.
  • Card and Party Giant - Party supplies store with costumes.
  • Marylen Costumes - Costumes for all occasions.
  • Dental Distortions - Fake teeth for Halloween, family reunions, blind dates.
  • Pimpdaddy.Com - Bling bling and pimp outfits.
  • Screamers Costumes - Costumes, masks and novelty items for Halloween.
  • Graphica Design's - Custom fit spandex costumes and theatrical apparel.
  • BuySeasons, Inc - Costumes for adults, kids and pets. Includes a large selection of Halloween wigs and accessories.
  • Hollywood Studios Costumes - Large selection of assorted costumes.
  • Just For Fun - Offers party and fancy dress.
  • Jumpsuits Fit for a King - Provides jumpsuits for Elvis impersonators worldwide.
  • Ursula's Costumes - Costumes and accessories for all ages.
  • Show-Off, Inc. - Custom made costumes, outfits and uniforms for individuals and teams of twirlers, skaters, ballroom dancers, cheerleaders, wrestlers, and performers of all types.
  • Party Props - Products include Halloween and Renaissance costumes and accessories.
  • Frank Bee Costumes - Costumes for all ages. Sizes: XSmall -- shopping XXXXL). Medieval clothing and Renaissance Costumes, wigs, masks, makeup shopping and props.
  • Costumes Galore - Offers Wizard of Oz themed costume from kids costumes to adult costumes sizes.
  • Ronjo - Costumes, wigs, character props and makeup for parties costumes and special costumes events.
  • Inc. - Features a selection of feathers, boas, fringe, fans shopping and theatrical and costume accessories available.
  • Cosmic Outfitters - Offering costumes for men, women and pets, including plus sizes clothing and santa suits. Also offers beachwear and sandals.
  • Costumes by Antonia - Custom-made costumes; historic, theatrical, and mascot. Includes designer profile.
  • Monster Makers - For Do-It-Yourself Monster Makers ranging from amateur hobbyists shopping to professional costumes SPFX artists; supplies for use in shopping Film, TV, and Haunted costumes House productions.
  • Pierre's Costumes - Offering holiday and standard costume themes for adults clothing and children, as well as lingerie and clubwear.
  • United Mask & Party Manufacturing, Inc. - Costumes, wigs, masks, and party supplies. Contact clothing information, office hours, indexed catalog.
  • Big Costumes - Plus sized costumes and special occasion wear.
  • Rose Chong Costumes - Various inflatables and regular costumes.
  • TNT Clown Supplies - Offering a line of costumes and supplies. shopping Includes props clothing and embroidered apparel.

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