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Located in the Coupeville, Washington, a retired builder of Renaissance recorders offer recorder revoicing, tuning, and new cork or string joints.

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See Also:
  • Löbner Blockflöten - Recorder maker and dealer in Bremen, Germany.
  • Paetzold Recorders and the Flötenhof - German maker of recorders and transverse flutes, specializing recorder in Paetzold\'s early instruments Square Bass recorders.
  • Carmichael's Recorder Pages - SuperRecorder keyed and baroque fingered alto recorders by winds Craig Carmichael winds of Victoria BC.
  • David Coomber Fern Recorders - New Zealand recorder maker offering copies of Bressan, recorder Denner, Bizey, winds Stanesby, and Kynsker instruments.
  • Moeck Musikinstrumente und Verlag - Recorder maker offering the Flauto, School, Rondo, Rottenburgh, winds Steenbergen, Denner, early instruments Stanesby, Ehlert, Hotteterre, and Renaissance lines, winds as well as other early instruments historical instruments, books, CDs, winds and the TIBIA periodical.
  • Recorder Music Mail - Information about the recorder, harpsichord and fortepiano, with early instruments a recorder catalogue of music available through the site, early instruments and links recorder to publications.
  • Paul Richardson - Maker of Ganassi, Renaissance and Baroque recorders from Madrid Spain.
  • Adriana Breukink - Maker of the Schnitzer and Bassano lines of recorders, and designer of the Mollenhauer Dream recorders.
  • Mollenhauer Recorders - Copies of historical instruments, special keywork for handicapped winds musicians, and recorder repair of all woodwind instruments.
  • Bruno Reinhard Handmade Recorders - French maker of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque recorders.
  • Adrian Brown Recorders - Recorder maker offering a Renaissance recorder data base.
  • Jean-Luc Boudreau Recorder Maker - Maker of Aesthé Renaissance and Baroque recorders.
  • Vincent Bernolin - Recorder Maker - French maker of hand-made recorders using the anti-condensation early instruments system Allegro.
  • The Recorder Shop - An early music store retailing recorders, crumhorns, viols and sheet early instruments music. Feature Dovehouse Editions and Loux Music Publications.
  • Joel Arpin - A French maker of boxwood recorders.
  • Joachim Rohmer Recorders - Recorder builder in the tradition of the old masters.
  • Woodnote Liyun Co. - Offers a range of wood and plastic recorders and related early instruments instruments.
  • Aafab BV - Manufactures Aura, Conservatorium, Coolsma, Zamra and some Dolmetsch recorder recorders in Utrecht.
  • Kaus Scheele Blockflötenbau - German maker of recorders, portativ organs and music winds stands. Offers information about the care of winds recorders.
  • Jim Bartram - Located in the Coupeville, Washington, a retired builder early instruments of early instruments Renaissance recorders offer recorder revoicing, tuning, and early instruments new cork early instruments or string joints.
  • Anthony Arnold - Baroque flute and recorder maker, also offering to recorder tune and maintain harpsichords.
  • Albert Lockwood - Recorder maker located in Bridlington, UK.
  • Prescott Workshop - Devoted to making copies of historical woodwinds by recorder master-craftsman Thomas early instruments M. Prescott.
  • Heinz Ammann - Swiss recorder maker.
  • Philippe Bolton Recorders - French maker of medieval, baroque and modern recorders, recorder including electroacoustic winds recorders.
  • Guido M. Klemisch - German maker of Renaissance and Baroque recorders, and baroque flutes.
  • Stephan Blezinger - Recorder maker in Eisenach, Germany.
  • H.C. Fehr AG - Swiss recorder maker.
  • Meinel Recorders - Offers wooden recorders in German and Baroque fingering, as well as special effect flutes and whistles.
  • Luca de Paolis Recorders - Italian maker of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque recorders.
  • Michael Grinter - Maker of handcrafted flutes for traditional Irish music winds and recorders for players of early music.
  • Collins and Williams Historic Woodwinds - Recorder sales, service, and repair from Lakeville Connecticut.
  • Jacqueline Sorel Recorders - A recorder maker and a professional recorder player in The Hague, Holland.
  • Setzbauernhof - The workshop of Helge M. Stiegler located in Austria offers a range of recorders.
  • Kunath Instrumentenbau - Produce a range of recorders from Fulda, Germany.
  • Oswald Van Olmen - Offers the Hall-recorder in two types: wide bore early instruments (Mersenne) and conic bore (English flute.)
  • Marsyas Blockflöten GmbH - Recorders designed by Heinz Ammann and manufactured by recorder Küng.
  • Blockflötenbau Roessler - German maker of Scholar, Master and Dulcia model recorders.
  • Bodil Diesen - Maker of Ganassi and Steenbergen style recorders and sjøfløyte Norwegian sea flute.
  • Les Ateliers de La Flûte Dore - Ronald Wick offers renaissance consort recorders after originals as well as modern recorders to his own design from workshops in Netherlands and France.
  • Marcelo Gurovich Luthier - Maker of Renaissance and Baroque recorders, and Baroque recorder and Irish flutes.
  • Tim Cranmore Recorders - Offering medieval, Renaissance and Baroque recorders.
  • Low Pitch Recorders by Robert Shlaer - Offering an economically priced alto recorder tuned to early instruments play early instruments at "low pitch" (A=415 Hz). Located early instruments in Santa early instruments Fe, NM.
  • Orpheus Music - They support contemporary music for recorder by publishing recorder new recorder works, as well as supplying a recorder range of other recorder music.
  • Ehlert Blockflöten - Renaissance and Baroque recorders.
  • Courtly Music Unlimited - Located in Warrensburg, NY, Richie and Elaine Henzle recorder offer wood recorder and plastic recorders, historical winds and recorder percussion, sheet music, recorder recorder supplies, and accessories.
  • Jan Hermans Historical Woodwinds - Renaissance and baroque recorder and traverso maker.
  • Magnamusic Distributors, Inc. - Recorders by Moeck, Adler, Heinrich, Aura, Coolsma, Dolmetsch and Zen-On, winds collection of early and contemporary sheet music.

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