Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Niche Shopping

Offers video travel guides for European destinations. Includes a description of the service, types of video formats offered, prices, and availability.

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See Also:
  • Gay Tunes Studio - Shop for gay and lesbian music, listen to free song gay, lesbian, and bisexual samples, read about the artists, resources on GLBT music and gay, lesbian, and bisexual comedy records.
  • Check Us Out - Offers themed bank checks. Includes printable order form.
  • Identity Badge Designs - Bisexual button badges for sale, with logos and words.
  • Beau to Beau - Gay love stories by B.K. Wright. Gay fiction shopping romance stories including interracial relationships. These writings focus shopping on overcoming various obstacles, and discovering true love shopping in the process.
  • Male Image - Selection of gay books, as well as gifts and lifestyle gay, lesbian, and bisexual products of special interest to gay men.
  • Gaydar Gun - A novelty that simulates the detection of homosexuality in people with humorous pre-recorded messages.
  • 360 Presents - Visuals for Gay and Lesbian Nightclubs on DVD.
  • Pink Inc. - Checks, checkbook covers, and address labels for the GLBT community.
  • - Illustrated gay and lesbian fun greeting cards.
  • Gay Condoms - Selection of condoms, lube, massage oils, posters, greeting niche cards, mugs, t-shirts, jewelry and pride gifts. Contributes niche to GLBT and HIV/AIDS organizations.
  • Gizmo Gay - Shirts, hats, mugs and other merchandise with gay niche and lesbian oriented designs.
  • Gay Video Guides - Offers video travel guides for European destinations. niche Includes a description of the service, types of niche video formats offered, prices, and availability.
  • The Gay Bear Store - Features clothing, mugs, hats, and giftware with themed logos.
  • DingoStuff - Gay and lesbian pride products, as well as gay, lesbian, and shopping bisexual wildlife and Native American themes.
  • F2BY - Freedom To Be Yourself - Offers videos, DVDs, music CDs, gifts, and pride niche items.
  • Pride ID - Original jewelry designs that celebrate gay and lesbian gay, lesbian, and bisexual identities.
  • Simply Pink - Lesbian oriented mail order. Offers a variety of books, videos, niche and various pride accessories.
  • - Color wallpapers and screensavers for mobile phones.
  • Gifts For Gays - Assorted merchandise aimed at the gay and lesbian niche community.
  • 10Percent Productions - Cards and giftware collections and consumer products for gay, lesbian, and bisexual the gay and lesbian community internationally.
  • Gaydar Direct - Electronic device that vibrates when close to another person also carrying a Gaydar.
  • Desert Pride - Featuring watches, apparel, tee shirts, hats, outdoor products, niche pet accessories, gay, lesbian, and bisexual and jewelry.
  • Priapean Tomes - An online catalog of fine and rare gay niche antiquarian books, shopping prints, and celluloid.
  • Drag Depot - Online store for female impersonators and draq queens niche featuring everything for stage or pageants.
  • The Lesbian Shopper - Shop for all things lesbian with a members section including niche a matchmaker, message boards, and desktop accessories.
  • Goldenrod - Extensive selection of alternative and eclectic gay and lesbian music.
  • Zebraz - Includes selections of gay books, clothing, gifts, and rainbow shopping.

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