Scottish Celtic Ethnicity

Articles, essays, and brief book summaries on Scotland's culture and history, including myths and legends, tartans and clans, cooking, and crafts.

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  • A Tribute to Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie - Tribute to Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie and their celtic silver art, made on the tiny island celtic of Iona in the Inner Hebrides c.1900 to celtic 1941. Offers history of Scottish provincial jewelry, with celtic photos and links.
  • A Celtic Heart Remembers - Contains pictures, music, slideshows, and history.
  • Electric Scotland - A Major Educational Resource on the History of Scotland, Scots and Scots-Irish as well as considerable content on clans and families of Scottish descent around the world.
  • Wild Thistle Stories & Songs - A celebration of Scottish History and culture, the scottish Highlands, folksong, scottish Celtic mythology, poetry, including free mp3 scottish music downloads and information scottish on Inverclyde Songwriting Workshop. scottish (non-English language prompts)
  • Haggishead - North America's Scottish Portal - Resource portal for anyone interested in Scotland and the Scottish celtic way of life.
  • Wendy's World - Information about Highland games and festivals, Celtic musicians, and Clan ethnicity Hunter, with image gallery.
  • Scots in Poland - Discussion about the Scots who migrated to Poland celtic over the ethnicity centuries.
  • Highland Heritage Society - Argentine society that promotes British culture, focusing specially celtic on the Scottish heritage. Read articles on history, celtic traditions, recipes, humor and a schedule of events celtic and courses. In Spanish and English.
  • The Blood is Strong Forum - A discussion forum for Scots and Scottish expats.
  • Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge - American society dedicated to the promotion of Scottish scottish arts, history and culture in the United States.
  • Heart o' Scotland - Articles, essays, and brief book summaries on Scotland\\'s ethnicity culture and celtic history, including myths and legends, tartans ethnicity and clans, cooking, and celtic crafts.
  • Scottish Society of South Eastern Wyoming - Social group who enjoy good company and a scottish common interest in Scotland and all things Scottish.
  • X Marks the Scot - Forum dedicated to the kilt, with rooms on traditional and modern kilts and advice.
  • Brigadoonery Canada - A comic tribute to Scotland, devoted to the hilarious results that sometimes occur when people not born in Scotland pretend to be Scottish anyway. A wry look at Highland culture, music and history.
  • Scots in London - SIL is an umbrella organisation for everything Scottish in London: ethnicity people, businesses, clubs and societies, charities.
  • Scone's Scottish and Celtic Internet Book - History, facts and pictures of Scotland and its ethnicity inhabitants.
  • Campaign for Scottish culture in schools - Campaign to promote the teaching of Scotland\\'s culture celtic (especially Gaelic and Scots languages) in Scottish schools.
  • ScotChat - Online community for Scottish people at home or scottish abroad. Offers scottish discussion on Scottish topics including culture, scottish language, music, and cuisine.
  • The Scottish Australian Heritage Council Inc - Organisation for all Scottish descendants. Information on events and outings.

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