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A major source of information on modern military techniques and strategies, with a significant part devoted to the analysis of NATO.

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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)* - Military alliance of democratic states in Europe and North America.

  • Truman Presidential Museum & Library - NATO - Information on the early documents, memoranda, and founding north atlantic treaty regional organization principles of NATO.
  • The Atlantic Council of Canada - A NATO-affiliated foreign policy think-tank, which is also Canada\\'s representative north atlantic treaty organization at the Atlantic Treaty Association. In English and French.
  • 15 Years of NATO Workshops - Speeches from 15 years of NATO Workshops at head-of-state level.
  • NATO Military Rank Codes & Naval Rank Insignia - NATO unified military rank structure, naval rank insignia north atlantic treaty multilateral organization of member countries by Robb Mavins.
  • What is To be Done - WiTbD - What is To be Done. Includes multilateral an informative regional article on NATO, international relations and multilateral security in the 21st regional Century.
  • Global Security - A major source of information on modern military multilateral techniques and multilateral strategies, with a significant part devoted multilateral to the analysis of multilateral NATO.
  • NATO Organisation - An outline of the structure of NATO including civilian and multilateral military organizations and command structure.
  • NATO - The North Atlantic Treaty - Text of the treaty that established NATO in multilateral 1949.
  • U.S. Department of State - NATO - Fact sheets, news and summit information about NATO.
  • Wikipedia - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - Hyperlinked encyclopedia entry provides the history of NATO, multilateral its purposes, staff and member states.

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