Wars and Conflicts Twentieth Century By Time Period History

This category lists historical sites, both political and military, devoted to wars and conflicts within the 20th century time period.

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See Also:
  • Military Blunders - Five famous military blunders to better understand what wars and conflicts twentieth century wrong.
  • World War 1 to World War 2 Forum - Discussions related to the Great World Wars and the years twentieth century between.
  • WartimePress - Image archive of military publications and articles of magazines, newspapers, booklets, manuals, documents, and posters.
  • The Third Afghan War - An introduction by Paul Hinson.
  • The Frontiers of Flying Machines - History of aviation in WWI and WWII.
  • Salient Points - Well presented collection of links and other information by time period twentieth century related to the two World Wars in Europe.
  • War Letters - A database of correspondence from conflicts of the by time period wars and conflicts twentieth century most letters from World War I by time period wars and conflicts and II.
  • On Restoring Peace in Indochina - The final declaration of The Geneva Conference, dated July 21, 1954, on the problem of restoring peace.
  • Vietnamese Declaration of Independence - For recognition from the United States and other by time period Western countries, Ho and his colleagues proclaimed the by time period Democratic Republic of Vietnam on September 2, 1945.
  • The Crile Archives - A repository of 20th century military history containing documents, artifacts, wars and conflicts and oral histories of veterans of WW I, WW II, wars and conflicts the Korean war, and the Vietnam war.
  • Ho Chi Minh - Program for Communist of Indochina - Program drafted on February 18, 1930 for a wars and conflicts twentieth century conference of Vietnamese Communists who met in the wars and conflicts twentieth century British colony of Hong Kong.
  • Indiana Military Org - Information on bases and units and prisoner of war camps by time period activated during World War II and the Korean War, including by time period sources on Italian and German prisoners, veterans graves, photographs, and by time period timeline.
  • Letter to Ngo Dinh Diem - Letter written by President Eisenhower on October 23, 1954.
  • Kilroy Was Here - World War II and Korean War sites and wars and conflicts wars and conflicts stories.

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