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Article about left-handed writing with fountain pens, including advice on nib selection. Photographs show different hand positions lefties write in, with special advice for each.

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Rosemary West's Left-Handed Page* - Large collection of information and links, including organizations, research articles, list of famous left-handers, left-handedness in the arts, links to shopping sites, FAQ, humor, fun facts, and trivia.

  • Crochet Lessons for Left-Handers - Instructions, with helpful diagrams.
  • Why Left-handers Still Feel Left Out - Guardian article describes researcher\\'s finding that left-handed people society have been society abused and neglected throughout history.
  • The Lefthanded Universe - Interesting facts and ideas about lefthandedness. [English, Dutch, people German]
  • The Sinister Hand - Script of an Australian Broadcasting Corporation news feature lefthanders on lefthandedness, particularly the biological origins of handedness.
  • Living in the Mirror: A Left-Handed Home Page - Comments and essays about living as a left-hander, lefthanders plus links lefthanders to other left-handedness-related sites, including a lefthanders large selection of scientific lefthanders material.
  • Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition - Scientific journal publishing research on the psychological, behavioural society and neurological aspects of lateralisation, including handedness. Online society tables of contents, abstracts, instructions to authors, and society other information.
  • Left-Handed Writers Page - Article about left-handed writing with fountain pens, including advice on people nib selection. Photographs show different hand positions lefties write in, people with special advice for each.
  • The LeftHandSide Collection - Blogs, online exhibits, and links for talented left-handed artists and designers from around the world.
  • Association of Left-handers, India - Works to create awareness that left-handedness is people normal and people to provide resources for left-handed people people in the country. Information people on cultural perspectives in people India and the group\'s initiatives and people accomplishments.
  • The Left-Handed Child in a Right-Handed World - Advice on determining hand dominance and on dealing society with handwriting problems often encountered in left-handers.
  • Study Finds Left-handers Don't Die Earlier - Short article from the Associated Press.
  • The Language of the Left - Derogatory meanings associated with the words for "left" in several world languages.
  • Left-handedness - A modern Islamic perspective on being left-handed.
  • Irish Left-handers Club - Short newsletter, products for sale, and other information.
  • Famous Left-Handers - Long list of left-handed actors, artists, authors, musicians, people athletes, politicians, U.S. presidents, and historical figures.
  • Lefties: The Science of Handedness - "Science Friday" program in RealAudio. Links to other Internet resources society on handedness.
  • Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization Research - At Indiana University (M.K. Holder, Ph.D.). You can participate in society the study by filling out an online questionnaire. Site society also has links to information (both serious and fun) of society interest to left-handers.
  • Left Is Right - Promotes a book described as a survival guide lefthanders for living society lefty in a right-handed world. Includes lefthanders some information about handedness society and famous lefties.
  • Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society - "If you are left handed, do not despair." Advice for lefthanders left-handers who want to learn calligraphy.
  • Sinistrality - Facts and myths about lefthandedness, links to lefthander people organizations and stores for left-handed products, information on people handgun products designed for left-handed use.
  • The Lefthanded Liberation Front - Site has webforum, merchandise for sale, humor, and society other material.
  • Gauche! Left-Handers in Society - A resource guide and forum. Left-handers speak to people parents, teachers, people employers, physicians, and others.
  • Is There a Link Between Left-Handedness and Homosexuality? - Discusses a recent study showing that left-handedness and lefthanders homosexuality may lefthanders be linked.
  • Neuroscience for Kids - Sidedness - Educational website about laterality. Includes tests for handedness, society footedness, eyedness, people and earedness.
  • Alt.lefthanders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Usenet FAQ. Includes questions such as: What does lefthanders being "left-handed" or "ambidextrous" mean? Is lefthandedness inherited? lefthanders Are lefthanders naturally clumsy? Do Lefties make better lefthanders athletes?
  • LEFTovers - List of Lefthanded Canadians. Also contains left-handed stores in Canada.
  • European Lefthanders' Page - English translation of German site: information of particular interest to people European left-handers. Extensive lists of sources for left-handed products people in Europe and on the Internet.
  • Are You Left-Handed? - Observations on the ontology of handedness, advice on society how to people surf the net left-handed, and links.
  • The Left Hand Path - Speculations on how left-handedness came to be associated people with satanism lefthanders in western mythology.
  • Left Handed Portal - A unique portal for left-handers, parents of left-handed people kids and lefthanders right-handers who want to know more people about southpaws.
  • Left Handers Day - Left Handers Day is on 13 August. Information about handedness, lefthanders fun facts, games and quizzes.
  • Gaskell Guitars - Australian company that makes only left hand guitars people of models people not available in left hand option people by original manufacturers. Model people photos and descriptions, where people to buy, and other details.
  • When Left is Right: Left-Handed Toddlers - Advice for parents of young children.
  • Trends in Japan: Rise Up, Ye Southpaws - Article discusses the increased acceptance of lefthandedness in Japan.
  • Right Hand, Left Hand - Website for Chris McManus\\' book on handedness. Includes lefthanders articles and society online psychological quizzes.
  • Association of LeftHanders Zambia (ALHZ) - Compiling a list of famous lefthanders in Africa. people Also supplies contact information.
  • The Southpaw Manifesto - Includes a list of left-handed celebrities, how to society say left handed in other languages, a test, society social network, and articles.
  • Left-handed.com Forum - Online forum for left handers to discuss various topics and society post news stories of interest.

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