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Collection of web references to Ross Jones, with comments. Includes information on a baseball player, an author, a local hero, and links to other sites.

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  • Silja Online - A list of Siljas on the web. Includes society photographs of the author and her family.
  • Ode to Melissa - The place for Melissas in name or spirit to come together and share in the wonderful aura of being Melissa.
  • A Ring of Elizabeths - Websites belonging to people with the first or namesakes middle name of Elizabeth. Different spelling variations namesakes are accepted.
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  • Michael Ball (Only) Club - The famous, infamous, and little known folk named society Michael, Mike society or Michel Ball. Some interplay between society various writers, sculptors, musicians society and others with the society namesake.
  • - A site dedicated to people with the name Jim Wilson. Includes profiles and a photo gallery of its members, and a motivational tip of the month.
  • All Ross Jones - Collection of web references to Ross Jones, with namesakes comments. Includes information on a baseball player, an namesakes author, a local hero, and links to other namesakes sites.
  • The Jencyclopaedia - The Etymology and popularity of the name Jennifer people and its people variations, a Jen horror story, and people Lamont's Rules of Jen.
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  • Ken Andersons on the Internet - A directory of Internet web sites owned by society or referring namesakes to persons with the name of society Ken Anderson, Kenneth Anderson, namesakes or Kenny Anderson.
  • Elissas Unite - Links to sites, and postings by or about an Elissa. people Also provides details of annual meeting in Galveston, Texas for people Elissas.
  • The David Thompson Phenomenon - All about people named David or Dave Thompson.
  • James Place - Offers facts, links, and information about the name James.
  • - A listing of news, articles, quotes, and websites people by or about Kevin Kelly.
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  • Lizzie's Place - Devoted to anyone named Lizzie, Liz, Elizabeth or maybe even namesakes Betsy, famous or not so famous.
  • Yahoo Group - The Wendys - A private mailing list for people with the namesakes name Wendy to chat about anything. Includes corresponding namesakes website.
  • - Karien Stuetzle\\'s window to the world. Find personal society photos and society links to Karien\'s from around the society world.
  • GuysNamedMike - A message board for men named Michael or Mike to people discuss various aspects of being a Michael.
  • Shirlene Online - Women named Shirlene on the Internet.
  • All About Deirdre - Includes the Irish folk tale, Deirdre of the people Sorrows and namesakes directory of web sites owned by people or related to people namesakes of the same name.
  • (People Named) David - A web ring about, or for, people named namesakes David.
  • People Named Jack WebRing - A web ring is for any websites about or by people named Jack.
  • The Helena Site - A site enabling Helenas around the world to people communicate.
  • SOAKBear - Dedicated to people with the first names of people Barbara and society Donald. Includes variations of the names, people celebrity photographs, songs about society Barbaras, and links to people Barbaras on the web.
  • - A Community of Andy Jordans - A site for people with the name Andy Jordan. Includes namesakes pictures and profiles.

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