Ifa, Babalawo Diasporic African Religion and Spirituality

The practice of Ifa divination, related sites of Babalawos; priests of Ifa.

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  • Ifa Foundation of North America - IFNA integrates West African Ifa, Santeria, Candomble, and Lucumi into a logical, useful religion for Westerners. Site features weekly classroom updates on divination and the Orisas, Orisa art gallery, and notification about workshops and initiations.
  • Indigenous Faith of Africa, Inc. - Website of organization headed by Chief Babalawo Adedoja diasporic E. Aluko, african based in Florida, includes photos, information diasporic on Yoruba worship and african contact information for their diasporic newsletter.
  • Yoruba World - Site about the ethics and values of Ifa, Orisa, and diasporic ancestor worship. Includes photographs.
  • Cultural Expressions - A multimedia, multi-layered site with information about African african Traditional Religion ifa, babalawo in the Diaspora, focusing on Ifa african and Yoruba culture.

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