Lucumi, Ocha, Santeria Diasporic African Religion and Spirituality

Guidance for those who seek spiritual light through the Mysteries of African deities. Includes pages on most of the principal Orishas.

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  • Orisha - Descriptions of the Orishas in the Lucumi pantheon, diasporic with pages devoted to the Warriors, Obatala, Yemaya, diasporic Ochun, Shango and Babaluaye.
  • Effectively Communicating with Our Egun - With the exception of our Ori, no Orisa african approaches african the level of closeness that we african have with our african Egun (Ancestors).
  • A Structuralist Analysis of Puerto Rican Santeria - Anthropological analysis by Lily Diaz of Kardekian Spiritualism lucumi, ocha, santeria african (La Mesa Blanca), and Santeria as practiced by lucumi, ocha, santeria african Puerto Ricans.
  • Church of the Seven African Powers - Guidance for those who seek spiritual light through the Mysteries lucumi, ocha, santeria of African deities. Includes pages on most of the lucumi, ocha, santeria principal Orishas.
  • Santisimo - Website of a New York based Lucumi music diasporic and dance troupe, headed by Emilio Barretto, dedicated diasporic to the preservation of the Afro-Cuban Santeria religion, diasporic includes photo galleries, sound clips, and cd sales.
  • Ebo Okokan, Offerings from the Heart - A cultural history of the four major Afro-Cuban diasporic religious african musical divisions - Yoruba, Abakua, Arara diasporic and Kongo drumming, within african the pages of Afro-Cuban diasporic drum and dance ensemble Ebo Okokán, african based in diasporic California.
  • African New World Soap Making Recipes for the Spiritual Bath - Recipes for home-crafting herbal soaps for use in lucumi, ocha, santeria diasporic rituals dedicated to the Orishas.
  • The Altar of My Soul - Professor Marta Moreno Vega, founder of the Caribbean lucumi, ocha, santeria Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, presents the lucumi, ocha, santeria philosophy, practices, clothing, interior designs, and artistic lucumi, ocha, santeria expressions of Santeria, plus information on the Orishas lucumi, ocha, santeria and the publication o
  • Oya's Marketplace - A site designed to explore the various components diasporic of Orisha/Ifa understanding and endeavor to find a diasporic unified approach to living its culture.
  • Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye - English and Spanish site for Santeria / Lukumi / Orisha/ african Regla de Ocha / Yoruba / Cuban religion. CLBA was african the first church of its kind in the U.S. and african was responsible for the recognition of Santeria as decided by african the June 1993 unanimous U.S. Supreme Cour
  • Lydia Cabrera Papers - Webpages from the Cuban Heritage Digital Collection of the University diasporic of Miami containing pictures, field notes and research information on diasporic the work of ethnographer Cabrera, who devoted her life to diasporic the study of African derived religious worship in Cuba.
  • Santeria Domain - Designed for people who are interested in learning lucumi, ocha, santeria diasporic about Santeria.
  • Iyawo Experience - Journal of an initiated priest undergoing his ritual lucumi, ocha, santeria year as a "Iyawo" (Bride) of the Orisha lucumi, ocha, santeria Ochun.
  • Orisa Mailing List - Dedicated to spiritual and spirited exchange between students, devotees, and lucumi, ocha, santeria priests of ATR.
  • Olodumare, "Owner of the Sky" - Yoruba creation story, and other related pages on Lucumi Yoruba lucumi, ocha, santeria orishas.
  • Yo Soy Hechicero: I Am a Sorcerer - Behind-the-scenes account of a documentary video about Santeria and Spiritism in New Jersey, focusing on the person of Juan Eduardo Eduardo Núñez, a Cuban refugee who came to the US in the 1980 Mariel boatlift. Bilingual site (English-Spanish) contains

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