Bahá'ís Under the Provisions of the Covenant Baha'ism Religion and Spirituality

Religion which recognized Mason Remey as the guardian who succeeded Shoghi Effendi in 1957.

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  • The Baha'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant - Official website of the Baha\\'is Under the Provisions religion and spirituality religion and spirituality of the Covenant. Statements of belief, contacts.
  • Baha'u'llah Network: Bahai Faith - News, articles, Baha\'i writings, links, and the genealogy of Baha'u'llah.
  • Bahá'í Faith Network - Provides a viewpoint on Baha\\'i Scripture from the perspective of the Baha\'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant.
  • Alaska's Northern Lights Baha'i Faith - The Baha\\'i Faith as interpreted by the "Baha\\'is Under the baha'ism Provisions of the Covenant" and links to other BUPC sites baha'ism and resources.
  • Entry By Troops - Essays on Baha\\'i successorship and prophecies, by J. bahá\'ís under the provisions of the covenant T. Lamb.

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