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Religious group which believes that Shoghi Effendi appointed Charles Mason Remey the President of the first embryonic Universal House of Justice.

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  • The Guardian of the Baha'i Faith - A site published on behalf of Joel Bray Marangella, supporting his claim to be the Third Guardian of the Baha\'i Faith.
  • Karen Jo Herman's Bahá'í Home Page - An Orthodox Bahá'í's personal home page.
  • Orthodox Baha'is of Roswell NM - Baha\\'is under the living Guardianship, which is the religion and spirituality source of divine guidance and is why this religion and spirituality is "The Day that will not be followed religion and spirituality by night."
  • Mother Baha'i Council of the United States - Orthodox Baha'i Faith
  • Orthodox Baha'i Community - National House of Justice of the Orthodox Baha\\'is baha\'ism of the orthodox bahá'í United States and Canada. Includes a baha\'ism position paper aimed at orthodox bahá'í "Sans Guardian Baha\\'is", which baha\'ism explains the origins of the organisation orthodox bahá'í and events baha'ism associated with their current isolation from
  • The Orthodox Baha'i Faith in South Australia - A number of documents detailing the views of baha\'ism Orthodox Baha\'is, with links and email contact details
  • truebahai.com - An index of internet resources related to the orthodox bahá\'í Orthodox orthodox bahá'í Baha'i Faith.
  • Heart of the Baha'i Faith - Yahoo discussion group for dialogue and research among orthodox bahá\'í various orthodox bahá'í divided groups of followers of Baha\\'u\\'llah. Member orthodox bahá\'í only and orthodox bahá'í non-member pages.

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