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The Holy See* - Official Vatican web site. Several languages supported. News services, Church documents, information on the Popes and departments of the Roman Curia.

  • Catholic Exchange - Conservative portal offers news, weekly Scripture study program, christianity op-ed articles, denominations free e-mail. Discussion forum and electronic christianity greeting cards require JavaScript denominations and do not work christianity in Netscape 3. Formerly e3mil.
  • CatholicWeb - Portal. Recent articles from Catholic publications, electronic greeting christianity cards, FAQ. denominations Searchable directory of United States parishes christianity and schools. Free web denominations pages for Catholic dioceses, christianity parishes, schools.
  • Suite 101: Roman Catholicism - Archive of articles on the Catholic Faith and Catholics, and links to Catholic sites.
  • CatholiCity - Offers free Catholic audio tapes and novels, moderated e-mail discussion groups, commentary, carefully selected links.
  • Catholic Information Network - One of the earliest major Catholic web sites. catholicism News, christianity web boards, mailing lists. Sections catholicism on saints, prayer, Church christianity documents, liturgy. Navigation catholicism is partially JavaScript-dependent.
  • Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi - Catholic art and documents. Includes Catechism of the catholicism Catholic Church in several languages. Also hosts the catholicism home pages of several orders and groups.
  • Catholic Online - News, Church documents, discussion forums, electronic greeting cards, catholicism shopping directory, web-based e-mail, links.
  • Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic Resource - Information on liturgy, prayers, and the saints, plus denominations a one-year christianity Bible study program.
  • The Catholic Pages - Information on all things Catholic, plus Catholic humor, denominations and a denominations discussion board.
  • e-Catholic 2000 - Hopes to serve as an online community of Catholics in denominations communion with Rome. Sections on prayer and mysticism, Catholic denominations Social Teaching, RCIA. E-zine, discussion board, chat (Java or denominations IRC client).

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