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A survey of beliefs about origins of life, the Earth and the rest of the universe, including the theory of evolution and creation science.

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Theology of Creation - Evolutionary, Progressive, and Young-Earth* - A survey of different methods of creation with many links to other articles.

  • Three Christian Views of Creation - A site presenting information about young earth creation, perspectives progressive creation christianity and evolving creation (also called perspectives theistic evolution.)
  • What is Creationism? - Brief descriptions of the different varieties of creationism, both Bible-based perspectives and otherwise, with examples of notable proponents.
  • Kansas School Board's Evolution Ruling Angers Science Community - [CNN new article.]
  • Creationism Divided - A survey of young earth creation, progressive creation, intelligent design and theistic evolution with links to both supporting and opposing pages.
  • In the Beginning: Science, Scripture, and God's Creation - A survey from scientific creationism to theistic evolution and a separate discussion about different interpretations of Scripture to support these different views.
  • Evolution Minute - Daily internet radio broadcast and transcripts reporting topical origins and creation christianity news from all sides of the evolution-creationism controversy.
  • The Creation/Evolution Continuum - Site by the National Center for Science Education origins and creation perspectives that presents a continuum with creationism at one origins and creation perspectives end and evolution at the other.
  • Creationism - A short survey of young-earth creationism, flood geology, christianity creation science, christianity progressive creationism and theistic evolution
  • Can Creation and Evolution Both Be Right? - A seminar handout with material on young earth creationism, progressive christianity creation and evolving creationism.
  • Creation and Evolution: What Should We Teach? - A short survey of the continuum of ideas from the flat-earth to material evolution.
  • Intelligent Design in Science? - This site is primarily about intelligent design, but compares it perspectives with young-earth creation, progressive creation and theistic evolution. There perspectives are some good links to sites with other points of perspectives view.
  • Reconciling Creation and Science - Introduction to different ways of interpreting Genesis 1 and reconciling origins and creation the Biblical creation story with science.
  • Beliefs About Origins - A survey of beliefs about origins of life, perspectives the Earth perspectives and the rest of the universe, perspectives including the theory of perspectives evolution and creation science.
  • Young or Old?: The Options - A series of slides comparing old-earth and young-earth creation.
  • Who Believes What? - A set of links to sites for both perspectives old earth and young earth organizations and net perspectives resources.

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