Interfaith Religion and Spirituality Society

Brings together young people of different religious and moral traditions for cooperative service and dialogue around shared values. Outreach education and training, youth service days, leader cultivation, public advocacy program and history.

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See Also:
  • World Conference on Religions For Peace - A multi-religious international organization which promotes peace through religion and spirituality religious cooperation and dialogue. WCRP has members in religion and spirituality over 100 countries and is accredited to the religion and spirituality United Nations.
  • United Religions Initiative - A global community dedicated to promoting daily interfaith cooperation, ending interfaith religiously motivated violence and creating cultures of peace, justice and interfaith healing for the Earth and all living beings.
  • InterFaith Online - An in-depth personal exploration of religions represented in interfaith Asheville, NC, USA, conducted by Warren Wilson College interfaith students in affiliation with the Harvard Pluralism Project. interfaith Contains links, a forum, and essays representing a interfaith variety of religions and rel
  • CoNexus Press - Offers books, information, connections for inter-religious understanding, dialogue, society co-operation and religion and spirituality relations.
  • The Spiritual Sanctuary - An online community where members of all faiths religion and spirituality religion and spirituality explore core beliefs and inspirations including various practice religion and spirituality religion and spirituality explanations, group philosophies, message boards, and articles.
  • Sisters of Embracement - Women\\'s organization dedicated to bringing together in harmony society all faiths that have a belief in An society All-Enlightened Being/God. With articles, news, religious background, and society links.
  • American Fellowship Church - Includes information about becoming an ordained minister, the religion and spirituality AFC\\'s code of ethics and materials for starting religion and spirituality your own church.
  • Religions and Cultures - Comprehensive guide to beliefs and customs for health staff and society social care services.
  • MultiFaithNet - An information and dialogue tool, providing access to interfaith resources and religion and spirituality interactions relevant to inter-faith dialogue and interfaith the study of religious religion and spirituality traditions. Introductions to religions, interfaith centre history, research papers, news and religion and spirituality events.
  • Interfaith Youth Core - Brings together young people of different religious and moral traditions for cooperative service and dialogue around shared values. Outreach education and training, youth service days, leader cultivation, public advocacy program and history.
  • Interfaith Issues - Articles on interfaith marriage and families, Jewish holidays, religion and spirituality interfaith and relation between Jews and Christians, Muslims, Eastern religion and spirituality interfaith religions, and non-Jews in general.
  • Portland Oregon: Interfaith Spiritual Center - Provides individual and group spiritual direction and mentoring, society consultation for communities and organizations, workshops and classes.
  • Gamaliel Foundation - A network of grassroots, interfaith, interracial, multi-issue organizations working together to create a more just and more democratic society.
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation - The largest, oldest Interfaith Peace organization in the society United States and is dedicated to the promotion society of nonviolent conflict resolution.
  • Triangle Interfaith Alliance - A non-profit organization that fosters interfaith dialogue and participation in society issues affecting the community, in Durham, Orange and Wake counties society of North Carolina, USA.
  • International Interfaith Centre - The International Interfaith Centre facilitates networking, encounter, education interfaith and research interfaith between religious and spiritual individuals, organisations, interfaith and communities throughout the interfaith world.
  • Interfaith Web - Offers a place for those of different faiths to explore and understand their similarities and differences. Discussion board, chat room, background to world religions, and calendar with religious days.
  • Global Forum - For interfaith dialogue and co-operation, with an eye religion and spirituality towards a more peaceful, just and sustainable Earth religion and spirituality community.
  • The Greenwich Multi-Faith Forum - Organises and lists events and places of worship to promote tolerance through awareness of diversity.
  • Interfaith Encounter Association - Promoting peace in the Middle East through interfaith interfaith dialogue and society cross-cultural study. Projects, events and history.
  • Wikipedia: Interfaith - Overviews the history of dialogue, attitudes and actions of particular major religions to other faiths, organisations and links.
  • The Underground Movement Newsletter - Free monthly on-line newsletter unifying writers with varying interfaith belief; to religion and spirituality contribute articles, personal testimonies, and poetry interfaith on selected topics.
  • Temple of Understanding - Aims to achieve peaceful coexistence among individuals, communities, interfaith and societies through interfaith education, emphasizing experiential knowledge interfaith and dialogue. Also undertakes consulting with the United interfaith Nations.
  • Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre - Offers programs that encourage engagement with, education for society and research interfaith in inter-faith dialogue toward the building society of a culture of interfaith peace. Events, charter of society values, milestones, and International Symposium 2005 interfaith resources.
  • The Interfaith Alliance - A nonpartisan advocacy organization challenging the radical religious religion and spirituality religion and spirituality right in the United States, promoting a positive religion and spirituality religion and spirituality and healing role of religion in public life.
  • GodTalkTv - A series of television programs designed to draw interfaith people of religion and spirituality many different faiths together to discuss interfaith pressing social, moral and religion and spirituality spiritual issues and to interfaith discern common ground.
  • Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding - A secular, non-sectarian organization providing education and tools society to resolve religious tensions in schools, at work society and in war zones. Programs, events, training, resources, society news, weblog, forums and donation.
  • Interfaith - Resource for religious thought and literature, covering major religion and spirituality society world religions, modern and ancient.
  • World Council of Churches: Inter-Religious Dialogue and Cooperation - A program promoting inter-religious trust and respect and equipping churches interfaith for advocacy in countries where religion is used to fuel interfaith conflict. Reports, news, current activities and best practices.
  • The Interfaith Center of New York - Seeks to integrate the sacred into people\\'s daily lives and interfaith to apply the wisdom and resources of the world\'s religious interfaith traditions to conflicts worldwide.
  • World Congress of Faiths - Works to develop better understanding, co-operation and respect society between people religion and spirituality of different faiths.

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