Celtic Pagan Religion and Spirituality

John and Caitlín are the authors of many books about the Arthurian, Celtic, shamanic and spiritual traditions, and teach all over the world.

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See Also:
  • A Program of Study for Celtic Pagans - A page outlining a potential course of study pagan for those celtic interested in Celtic paths.
  • The Celtic Connection - Offers an informational section, message areas, chat, and a catalog celtic of magickal products.
  • Journey Around the Wheel of Life - Shows the connections of all things to each other.
  • Hallowquest - John and Caitlín are the authors of many pagan books about celtic the Arthurian, Celtic, shamanic and spiritual pagan traditions, and teach all celtic over the world.
  • Celtic Nation - Community of members interested in following ancient religious pagan beliefs and practices. Offers a message board and pagan articles.
  • Celtic Wisdom - Celtic shamanism, myths, legends, poetry, oracle, power animals, religion and spirituality gods and goddesses, journeys, and meditations.
  • Keltic Religion - An account of a hereditary Keltic religious system, giving insight religion and spirituality into a major Welsh pantheon.
  • Pagan Carmina Gadelica - The adaptation of the Carmina Gadelica to suit religion and spirituality religion and spirituality Pagans, reflecting a Celtic spirituality native to the religion and spirituality religion and spirituality Islands of Scotland.
  • Temple of Manannan Mac Lir - Information about Manx/Celtic God Manannan Mac Lir.
  • Síla na Géige - Historical, etymological, and psychic research into images of the First Woman. Provides traditional and original Sheela artwork, tales, and articles.
  • When is a Celt not a Celt? - A commentary of Neopagan views of history by Joanna Hautin-Mayer, religion and spirituality cofounder of Vanaheim Hof, a Heathen magical group.
  • The Eldritch Tradition - Covers traditional history and bard tales.
  • Facets of the Goddess - Explores Her aspects. Includes stories and myths, poetry, celtic and tips religion and spirituality for meditation.

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