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Sometime free-access electronic journal, focusing on interdisciplinary discussion of emerging issues in the study of religion. Articles and submission information for download as PDF files.

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  • Italian Studies On Religions - Telematic bulletin covering current Italian work in religious journals studies. Profiles religious studies of scholars; journal indices; book reviews; journals contact details for institutions, religious studies libraries, and publishers; potential journals research programs in Italy.
  • Culture and Religion - Print journal supporting discussion of the relations between cultural studies journals and religious studies.
  • The Journal of Religion and Film - Peer-reviewed e-journal that considers portrayals of religion religion and spirituality in films. Index and full text of articles.
  • Bulletin of the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture - Print and electronic annual bulletin. Individual articles available for download religious studies in PDF; includes cumulative index.
  • Journal of Religion and Popular Culture - An online, peer-reviewed journal publishing articles and book reviews that explore the relationship between religion and contemporary popular culture.
  • Religious and Theological Abstracts - Subscription print and online abstracting service for scholarly journals religion and theology journals. Free trial available.
  • Japanese Journal of Religious Studies - Print and electronic journal. Index of subjects and religious studies authors; religious studies majority of articles available for download in religious studies PDF.
  • Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies - Semi-annual peer-reviewed electronic journal. Articles, reviews, projects and conference news.
  • Axis Mundi - An online student journal at University of Alberta religion and spirituality religious studies for academic study of Religion.
  • Koinonia - Sometime free-access electronic journal, focusing on interdisciplinary discussion of emerging religion and spirituality issues in the study of religion. Articles and submission information religion and spirituality for download as PDF files.
  • Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion - Print journal. Some selected contents and additional resources.
  • Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion - Table of Contents and subscription information for print journals journal.
  • Harvard Theological Review - Harvard Divinity School\\'s quarterly scholarly journal of religion and religious studies theology, since 1908. Embraces the history and philosophy of religious religious studies thought in all traditions and periods. Subscription information.
  • Journal of Religion and Society - An electronic journal from Creighton University for study religion and spirituality journals of social dimensions of religions.
  • The North Star: A Journal of African-American Religious History - E-journal peer-reviewed articles, conference information, research resources.
  • The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures - Peer-reviewed scholarly e-journal. Abstracts and full text in journals multiple formats religion and spirituality available.
  • Religion and Theology - Some full-text articles from volumes 2-4, published by religious studies University journals of South Africa.
  • Fieldwork in Religion - Interdisciplinary electronic and print journal promoting empirical study journals of contemporary journals religion in religious studies, anthropology, journals ethnography, sociology, psychology, folklore, journals or cultural studies. Call journals for papers and author instructions.
  • Religious Studies - Print and electronic journal devoted to the problems religion and spirituality of the philosophy of religion as they arise religion and spirituality out of classical and contemporary discussions and from religion and spirituality varied religious traditions. Free access abstracts and contents religion and spirituality listings; author instructions.
  • Folklore - Electronic journal from Estonia that includes articles on religious studies various religion and spirituality religious traditions.
  • Arts - Selections from print journal offering global range but exclusively Christian religious studies perspectives on the various arts.
  • Religion - Print journal that offers partial online access.
  • Journal of Ecclesiastical History - Print and electronic journal focusing on the history religious studies of religion and spirituality the Christian church as an institution and religious studies its relations religion and spirituality with other religions and society at religious studies large. Free full-text religion and spirituality abstracts and contents; author instructions.
  • The Journal of Religion - Print journal. Table of Contents and subscription religious studies information only.
  • The Journal of Southern Religion - Peer-reviewed e-journal for study of religion in the American South. Full text of articles and book reviews.
  • Harvard Divinity Bulletin - Quarterly publication covering contemporary issues in religion and journals theology. Some religion and spirituality full-text articles.
  • History of Religions - Print journal. Subscription information and Table of journals Contents only.
  • Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture - Sample articles and contents of a print journal that dedicates journals each issue to a particular theme.
  • Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory - Disciplinary and interdisciplinary e-journal for religion and cultural journals theory.
  • Religion in Modern Asia Newsletter - Electronic publication from the Institute for Japanese Culture journals and Classics, religion and spirituality Kokugakuin University, offering scholarly news and journals research regarding religions and religion and spirituality belief systems in modern journals Asia.
  • The Strip - Experimental e-journal produced by U. of Colorado graduate students in religious studies Religious Studies makes striking use of hypertext.
  • Journal of Biblical Studies - Keyword searchable electronic journal for academic study of religious studies Jewish and Christian Bible.

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