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An introduction to Interi Shintoism. It includes various topics of importance to the person seeking an understanding life and death.

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See Also:
  • Kami no Michi: The Way of Kami - Online book on the life and thought of a Shinto priest, by Guji Yukitaka Yamamoto.
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  • Shintoism - Community discussion topics, basic information on the religion, religion and spirituality and links.
  • Pradeep, Shana - An Ancient Japanese Religion - A brief overview covering mythical origins, history, basic religion and spirituality shintoism beliefs, divisions, worship, and festivals.
  • International Shinto Foundation - Introduction to Shinto, plus publications.
  • World Mate Wales / Gloucestershire Shibu - The Wales branch of the Shinto based organisation World Mate.
  • Futahashira Shrine - Located in Miyagi Prefecture. Festivals, history, Priest religion and spirituality biography.
  • Shinto - Full text of English translations of the Yengishiki, and excerpts shintoism from the Kojiki and Nihongi.
  • Tsubaki America - Features articles on the teachings and practice of religion and spirituality religion and spirituality the faith along with historical overview.
  • The "Interi" Shinto Homepage - An introduction to Interi Shintoism. It includes various society topics of religion and spirituality importance to the person seeking an society understanding life and death.

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