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Specialises in readings with paintings that depict spiritual pathways. David also creates drawings and paintings of guides or loved ones in spirit.

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  • June-Elleni Laine - Psychic artist and medium who offers portraits of loved ones in spirit, private sittings and spiritual workshops.
  • Stephen Cox - Psychic artist. Includes a biography and a gallery of his united kingdom clairvoyant art.
  • Debbie Dean - A natural medium and spirit portrait artist. Includes psychic artists a short biography and a gallery of her psychic artists work.
  • David Cheyne - Specialises in readings with paintings that depict spiritual psychic artists pathways. David also creates drawings and paintings of psychic artists guides or loved ones in spirit.
  • Ann Jacqueline Davies - Psychic artist and medium specialising in spirit portraits from clairvoyant visions.
  • Sarah Taylor - Spirit guide drawings, inspirational and psychic art.
  • Susan Hewitt - Spirit guide portraits by a psychic artist who united kingdom also spiritualism offers spiritual messages.
  • Nick Ashron - Spirit guide drawings and psychic art by a spiritual artist and musician who also offers relaxation and healing music.
  • Patrick Gamble - A psychic artist, with a gallery of his spiritualism work and united kingdom details of how to book private spiritualism sittings.
  • George David Fryer - Psychic paintings of spirit guides, past life reincarnations and other spiritual art.
  • Spirit of Creation - Artist and Psychic Lindsey Tyson, with details of workshops, auragraph spiritualism readings, greeting cards and her artwork using a variety of spiritualism techniques.
  • Eden Spirit - Contemporary personalised celebration psychic art by Jacqui Grogan.
  • International Metaphysical & Holistic Arts Centre - Psychic artist Nicola MacMillan\\'s gallery of inspirational art. Reiki attunements and spiritual healing are also available.
  • Diane Joy Rayfield - Evidential medium and artist who creates pastel portraits of departed psychic artists loved ones and hand painted auragraphs.
  • Jan Dayton - Spiritualist psychic artist, medium and healer from Sussex in the united kingdom UK.
  • Ian Doherty - A medium and psychic artist specializing in auragraphs, psychic artists these united kingdom are symbolic representations of a persons aura psychic artists in a united kingdom pictorial form.
  • Jeff Horrocks - Description of psychic art and mediumship development along with a gallery of drawings inspired by spirit.
  • Victoria Neal - A psychic artist based in Suffolk, with a united kingdom gallery psychic artists of her work and a schedule of united kingdom events.
  • Abelia - Psychic artist, clairvoyant and Spiritualist healer. Deceased loved psychic artists ones spiritualism and spirit guides drawn.

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