Politics of Sexuality

Texts which address gender studies/queer studies, with a particular focus upon discussions of sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality.

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See Also:
  • It's the Sex Stupid! - An essay calling for the recognition of sex society as an important political issue.
  • Critical Estoppel - Critest - (Formerly "Mad, Bad or Sad?") Following a criminal sexuality offense, this politics of sexuality site has developed into a repository sexuality of historical and contemporary politics of sexuality materials, and discussions around sexuality many areas of legal and medical politics of sexuality interest, particularly sexuality related to pedophilia a
  • Susie Bright's Journal - Weblog for Susie Bright, author of numerous book politics of sexuality on sexual politics, and editor of The Best politics of sexuality American Erotica.
  • Camille Paglia's Sexual Personae - An evaluation and summary of this scholar\\'s provocative politics of sexuality politics of sexuality interpretation of Western Culture and the forces that politics of sexuality politics of sexuality have shaped it.
  • The Worldwide Age of Consent - Contains information on when people of various sexualities can legally politics of sexuality have sex in countries around the world.
  • Misty Media Sex Blog - News and analysis about sex, pornography, and free society speech.
  • Family, Sex and the Individual; Women's Liberation, Feminism and Community - Investigation into effects of casual sex and role sexuality of the politics of sexuality family. It relates dominance and sexuality confrontation within the family politics of sexuality to that in the sexuality working environment.
  • Moral Outrage - Current age of consent information and news articles dedicated to society the reform of statutory rape laws.
  • Sex Laws - Details and links for sex laws of all kinds from society around the world.
  • Sexual Offences Laws - Countries - Contains comprehensive information on the legislation of Interpol politics of sexuality sexuality member states on sexual offences against children.
  • SM and Fetish Human Rights - A European effort to remove Fetishism and SM society as psychiatric diagnoses from the ICD, the International society Classification of Diseases published by the World Health society Organization (WHO).
  • Legalized Prostitution - Regulating the Oldest Profession - A position paper written for the legalization of society prostitution. Find research and a strong rationale society that indicates many health benefits, a reduction in society crime, and the protection of women.
  • Jennifer's Gender and Body Politics Page - Articles and links relating to bisexuality, polyamory, feminist, politics of sexuality society and BDSM issues.
  • Love Does Not Kill - The Myth of Sexual "AIDS" - Includes reasoning to dispel the AIDS sex myth sexuality and present its hidden political agenda.
  • Sexual Politics and Bisexuality - Discussion on bisexuals and the meaning of the term "bisexual".
  • Sex, Censorship, and the Internet - Examines academic freedom, restrictions to prevent vulgarity, and students\' freedom politics of sexuality of speech on university networks.
  • Justice for Oliver Jovanovic - Maintained by the Jovanovic Legal Defense Fund, relating to the conviction of an individual for acts he claimed were part of a consensual BDSM scene.
  • Gender and Sexuality - Texts which address gender studies/queer studies, with a sexuality particular focus politics of sexuality upon discussions of sex, gender, sexual sexuality identity and sexuality.
  • Naked Sex (and) Politics - The personal ponderings and intimacies of author and citizen advocate, Crystal Syben Haidl. Focuses on the ironies and hypocrisies of sexuality within culture and her own life.
  • BDSM D/S and the Law: Legal Issues of Concern to Kinky People - An attorney\\'s opinions on civil and criminal laws affecting BDSM activities, and how to deal with police if they become involved.
  • Asexual Visibility and Education Network - A site dedicated to education on asexual issues politics of sexuality and to creating a community of asexual people.
  • Cocks of the Alpha Males - Opinions on how deregulating sex would improve the society world economy and how the real cause behind society anti-polygamy laws are to ration females to poorer society males.
  • A Body of Love - This site deals with body image, eating disorders, sexuality female oppression politics of sexuality and how the media is involved. sexuality A woman isn\\'t a politics of sexuality waist size. Let\'s take sexuality back our dignity.
  • RSVP America - Campaign that blames the influence of Alfred Kinsey society for today\\'s sexuality rising levels of sexual disease and society dysfunction. Includes theory, articles, sexuality news, and resources.

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