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An organization which has collected a variety of Tantra-related resources in one place. Includes: giftshop, articles on a variety of subjects, links to other tantra sites, and a listing of events.

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  • BodyEcstatic - Sexological bodywork to connect spirit with your sexual sexuality energy. Offers society information on workshops, breathing techniques, multi-orgasms, sexuality sexual trance, and connection.
  • Tantra at Tahoe - Sexual Secrets newsletter about Kama Sutra, Tantra, ebooks, tantra courses, and tantra hands-on training for premature ejaculation, and tantra relationship intimacy.
  • Yoga Tantra Veda - Yoga Tantra Veda: tantra-related articles.
  • Sacred Sex Yes! - Delightful sacred sexuality at Colorado tantra retreats. Proven tantra orgasmic expansion.
  • Instant Kama Sutra - An interactive flash site where visitors can view society and create a variety of sexual positions.
  • Magick Tantra FAQ - The frequently asked questions file for the alt.magick.tantra tantra usenet newsgroup. tantra Discussions within this forum include sacred tantra sex, tantra of all tantra types, karezza, and sex tantra magick.
  • Love Teachings of the Kama Sutra - Full text of the work by Vatsyayana translated sexuality into English. tantra Includes Indian pictures and sexual positions.
  • Tantraworks - An indepth guide to tantra, created by Nik tantra Douglas.
  • Temple of the Goddess - Offers information on sex magic, goddess worship, and tantric healing. society Includes an online store.
  • Sacred Sex Secrets with Ishtara - Sexual ecstasy, erotic journeys, and sexual healing for society men and tantra women with Tantra, the art of society passionate awakening. Offers articles, tantra training, tapes, and real society player downloads.
  • Transcendence -The Tantra Connection - Bringing the best of internationally famous tantra teachers tantra to Britain. Articles on tantra and list of tantra workshops.
  • Cosmic Love - All about Tantric sex and the teachings of society Swami Virato.
  • Mandalas by Rampal - Tantric Meditative Fine Art - Crystal-embellished paintings based on an ancient motif of sexuality wholeness that tantra reinterpret for the western world the sexuality sacred union of masculine tantra (method) and feminine (wisdom) sexuality principles.
  • LivingLoveUniverse - Offers tantric advanced retreats for couples to explore the art of generating love under the guidance of Raja and Diana Richardson.
  • Kundalini Tantra - Kundalini combined with tantra and science: practical tantra applications and ritual, sexual and physical rituals tantra of the tree of life.
  • VamTantra.Com - Offers introduction to tantric spiritual awakenings, tantra shop list, spiritual medicine, and spiritual clubs.
  • Sandi's Tantra and Sacred Sexuality - Includes photos, services and rates, contact information, travel schedule, FAQs, tantra and reviews.
  • SpiritWorks Church - Promotes global transformation through ecstatic living and the cultivation of sexuality sacred relationships. Founded by Tantra teacher Margot Anand.
  • The World of Tantra - Tantra yoga videos by Chandi Devi for improved health, sex, society intimacy, and peace of mind. Includes definitions, related articles, slide society show, newsletter, and sales.
  • Venus and Her Lover - Original Tantric art that explores mythology, archetypes society and tantra sacred sexuality through painting, poetry, and society philosophy.
  • 2Be Tantra - A site dedicated to the true practice of tantra the Daka tantra / Dakini art. Includes basic information, tantra teaching, profiles of massage tantra session professionals, and events tantra calendar.
  • The Church of Tantra - An organization which has collected a variety of Tantra-related resources tantra in one place. Includes: giftshop, articles on a variety of tantra subjects, links to other tantra sites, and a listing of tantra events.
  • The Japanese Kamasutra - Various sexual positions which have been traditionally practiced in Japan are compiled and illustrated with 3-D images.
  • What Do You Know About Tantric Sex? - You may think Tantric yoga is about twisting your body into good positions for sex, but it is really about what is happening in your mind-not your body-when you make love. Take ThirdAge's fun sex quiz to find out.
  • IFC Temple of Divine Love UK - Explore Tantra, Yantra-Mantra, Yoni-healing, sexual healing, sexuality, spiritual tantra sensuality, and tantra Karmic-Mantras. Includes topics on workshops, training, tantra and related links.
  • Tantra Australia - Workshops and articles that explore ancient views and techniques of sexuality sexuality and spirituality.
  • TantraLink - Includes pages on workshops, an online community, dating, therapists, articles, tantra and products.
  • Transformational Adventures Newsletter - Contains articles and reviews of books and videos related to sacred sexuality.
  • The Tantra and Kama Sutra Net Source - The complete resource for sacred sexuality. Discussion forums, sexuality articles and secrets, personals, teacher and workshop sexuality directories, catalog and free newsletter.
  • Tantra Heart - Midwest Ipsalu Tantra Community - Information on classes, retreats, FAQs, products, and workshops sexuality for singles sexuality or couples.

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