Workplace Spirituality

Business professionals who, at work, wish to awaken their spirituality so their workplaces may be transformed into life-giving environments. conversations, events, inspiration, resources and newsletters.

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  • SoulScape - Helps explore the landscape of the soul. Workplace reflection, life society coaching and spiritual mentoring.
  • Essay: Work and Spirit - An essay by Thomas Erickson.
  • Zen and Business - Based in US and seeks to integrate a meditative practice work with business thinking. Overview, seminars, tour, services offered, store and work testimonials.
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  • Spirituality is not Religion - Article which discusses definition and what workplace spirituality should be.
  • Association for Spirit at Work - A global non-profit association of people and organizations who are interested in the study and practice of spirituality in the workplace. Overview, membership, community, events, information center and store.
  • Seven Principles of Spirituality in the Workplace - Outline of practical spirituality.
  • Spirit Connections - Provides products and services that uplift the spirit in the workplace.Services include corporate gifting and recognition, unique promotional items, office decoration, keynotes, workshops, and energetic support.
  • Workplace Spirituality - Business Week magazine article focusing on the growing work presence of spirituality in Corporate America.
  • Spirituality At Work - Business professionals who, at work, wish to awaken work their spirituality work so their workplaces may be transformed work into life-giving environments. conversations, work events, inspiration, resources and work newsletters.
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  • Spirit Counts! - A monthly newsletter which seeks to encourage the work global workforce work to enhance feelings of interconnection, trust, work and job satisfaction. Motivation, work places to stimulate thought, work notes, reaction, books, events and some work fun notes.
  • Spirit in Conflict - Through four interviews, explores how people who work work with conflict workplace spirituality find and identify a spiritual foundation work for their work.

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