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The FBA promotes visually dramatic bartending as a sport by hosting competitions and providing rules/assistance to help foster new participants.

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  • Xenon's Xexnonball - Includes rules, field layout, photo of trophy, and details about informal sports the World Xenonball Championships to be held in Edmonton, Alberta, informal sports Canada.
  • World Dowling Association - A stick game for two players, requiring a 400 foot sports track. Rules, terminology, league, standings, and history.
  • Zhubal - A game played with a regulation ball and a grid. sports Rules, members, events, statistics, and downloads.
  • DooshBall - A ball with elastic connected and a strap informal sports that has velcro attached. Wrap the strap around informal sports the wrist and bounce and catch. How to informal sports make one, news, top 3 tips, guest book, informal sports and the champions.
  • Scuffleball - A hybrid and team sport, combing elements of Football (American), rugby, and a little soccer. Offers rules and regulations, playing field diagrams, rules and passing examples, and game variations, such as Scuffle 7's (7-on-7 scuffleball) Flag Scuffleball
  • International Slaughterball Federation - Results, pictures and music from the world championships.
  • Asphip - Features photographs and video to explain the concept and rules of this new sport from Japan. [Japanese and English]
  • Freeze Tag Basketball - A form of basketball where select players can informal sports "freeze" other players. Includes a listing of rules informal sports and biographical information about the creators.
  • Belgium Danball - A street ball game played by two teams, each with three or more players. Information and rules.
  • Legball - A non-contact, deflective one-on-one competition against a wall or a net. Includes rules, scoring, history, playing tips,
  • Kicksled Primer - Introduction to the sport with history, sled models, sports photos, and sports technique. Summer kicking devices also included.
  • IKSA - International Kicksled and Scooter Association - Governing body for kicksled sports offers events calendar, including European events and World Cup, rules and regulations, photo gallery, FAQs, and contacts.
  • UK Peteca Association - Rules, overview and history of the sport, and sports news items.
  • Toccer Players Association - The governing body for the sport of toccer sports worldwide.
  • MUSA - Midwestern Unconventional Sports Association - The MUSA official website, offers rules, regulations, league sports and division standings for Kickball and Dodgeball. sports Find out if there\'s a league near you.
  • World Roofy Roofy Association - Sanctions the sport of roof soccer. News, tour information, club links, and a guestbook.
  • Wikipedia: Peteca - A form of "hand shuttlecock" indigenous to Brazil and is sports played in a fashion similar to badminton. History of the sports sport, rules, equipment, and links.
  • Crossball - The site describes how to play crossball. Crossball is the combination of lacrosse and baseball. It is played on a baseball diamond.
  • Flair Bartenders Association - The FBA promotes visually dramatic bartending as a informal sports sport by hosting competitions and providing rules/assistance to informal sports help foster new participants.
  • World Sport Stacking Association - Participants stack and unstack 12 specially designed plastic cups in sports pre-determined sequences. This organization promotes the standardization and advancement of sports the sport worldwide. Includes news, rules, event list, records, sports results, and related links.
  • - It is played like kickball except with a keg on second base. Players drink beer at all times while on base. About the founders, pictures, and rules.
  • Throw Bowling - A game that involves throwing a ball against a wall. Lessons, coaching, courts, contact, tournaments, and a poll.

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